Our Affiliates

There are four affiliates of Philip Morris International in Poland:

Philip Morris Polska S.A. (PMPL)

The headquarters and factory of Philip Morris Polska S.A. are based in Krakow. PMPL manufactures tobacco products, including three of the ten best-selling cigarette brands in Poland - Marlboro, L&M, Chesterfield and RGD - for the local market as well as for exports, which account for a significant percentage of the total production. Through several investments in the modernization and development of the factory, PMPL is today one of the key production centers of PMI.

Philip Morris Polska Distribution Sp. z o.o. (PMPL-D)

Philip Morris Polska Distribution Sp. z o.o. is headquartered in Krakow and has offices in Warsaw as well as distribution centers across Poland. PMPL-D sells and distributes tobacco products in the Polish market. A significant contributor to the company’s success is the professionalism and commitment of our employees from our marketing, sales and distributions departments among others, who focus on growing the company’s brands and building strong distribution networks. 

Philip Morris Polska Tobacco Sp. z o.o. (PMPL-T)

Philip Morris Polska Tobacco Sp. z o.o. is headquartered in Krakow and operates a tobacco leaf threshing plant based in Lezajsk. PMPL-T purchases and processes tobacco leaves. Thanks to the continuous modernization of the plant and the implementation of a comprehensive Good Agricultural Practices program (GAP), our facility in Lezajsk has become a modern production center, while the quality of the Polish tobacco processed here has also increased considerably. The tobacco processed in Lezajsk is both used for the local production by our factory in Krakow and is exported to other manufacturing facilities of PMI. Today, PMPL-T cooperates closely with approximately 3500 Polish tobacco growers and is the largest buyer of Polish tobacco leaf.   

PMI Service Center Europe Sp. z o.o. (PMI SCE)

PMI Service Center Europe Sp. z o.o., based in Krakow, is the European Service Center, providing centralized financial, procurement, information services (IS) and human resources (HR) services to PMI affiliates in more than 60 countries across Europe, Middle East and Africa. Many of the employees at the PMI SCE in Krakow come from different corners of the world, representing approximately 25 nationalities and speaking more than 20 languages. PMI SCE is an integral part of the company’s presence is Krakow and its goal is to provide excellent services with high quality standards, ensuring continuous improvement in terms of productivity and efficiency.

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