Disaster Relief

Disaster can strike anytime and anywhere. Overall, 206 million people were affected by disaster events in 2011 resulting in global economic losses of $ 366 billion, according to the Centre for Research on the Epidemiology of Disasters.

When disasters occur in a place where we operate, our local staff are on hand to find out the most essential needs of the community and how we can help.

  • In Pakistan in 2010, we stepped in to provide emergency relief to some 1,500 tobacco farm families left homeless by raging floodwaters, and also provided relief to more than 10,000 people who fled the fighting in northwestern Pakistan on the border with Afghanistan.
  • In Chile, the earthquake of February 27, 2010 left more than 10,000 people homeless. We contributed to a fund to construct new houses. With the collaboration of more than 300 volunteers, the houses were constructed through the quick and efficient assembly of specially designed pre-fab kits. Our contribution helped give 66 families a chance to regain their footing after this natural disaster had taken away so much from them.
  • In Indonesia, Sampoerna Search and Rescue (SAR) Team provided rapid humanitarian response to help victims of major natural disasters that struck the country in October 2010 – including flash flooding in West Papua and the eruption of Mt. Merapi, a volcano near Yogyakarta. The SAR team missions provided: medical services to over 500 people affected by the floods; and, shelter tents for up to 300 victims, food to some 7,000 refugees and medical assistance to over 700 patients, all affected by the volcano eruption.
  • In Japan, we provided immediate aid to emergency relief efforts, reconstruction assistance, and support programs for victims of the tsunami that hit the north-east of the country in March 2011. Philip Morris Japan employees actively participated to the relief by donating money and volunteering their time – helping to support 700 people seeking temporary shelter.

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