Hunger and Extreme Poverty

Philip Morris International supports programs that provide direct relief to poor and hungry people all over the world.

Romania, Soup Kitchen

Learn more about some of those programs throughout this section.

  • In Singapore, we support the NGO Food from the Heart which operates 25 food distribution centers  feeding more than 17,000 people every month;
  • In Romania, we helped create and continue to fund a local soup kitchen that provides 100 meals daily to those most in need;
  • In Lithuania, together with a weekly national TV program highlighting societal issues we support a social aid program that provides shelter and living support to families in dire economic straits;
  • In South Korea, we have donated a fleet of refrigerated food delivery trucks which deliver food to those in need
  • In Mexico, in 2011 we completed ten years with Nutrivida, a program focused on promoting projects to improve food security in vulnerable rural and urban communities

But direct aid can only go so far, and at Philip Morris International we believe in empowering people to improve their own living conditions. We support programs that reduce their dependence on charity through training, job creation, and micro-financing. 

  •  In southeast Serbia, where unemployment is close to 40 percent, we are partnering with local municipalities for job creation initiatives supporting start-up businesses, micro-credit programs, and vocational education.

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