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We have the industry’s strongest and most diverse brand portfolio, led by Marlboro, the world’s number one selling brand, and L&M, the third most popular brand. Overall, we have six of the top 15 international brands in the world, with the exception of the People’s Republic of China.


Marlboro has been the world’s number one cigarette brand since 1972 and is one of the most powerful trademarks among all consumer products. In 2014, Marlboro’s volume outside the United States was 283 billion cigarettes [1], which makes it bigger than the next two largest brands combined

In 2008, Philip Morris International (PMI) implemented a new brand architecture for Marlboro with three defined identities: Flavor, Gold, and Fresh. The Marlboro brand architecture is a portfolio framework that allows us to unlock the potential of the brand’s equity and address the preferences of adult smokers. The Marlboro Flavor family, representing quality and tobacco expertise, leads the way in bringing adult smokers the most enjoyable tobacco flavor satisfaction. The Marlboro Gold family delivers pleasurable smooth tastes and refined smoking experiences that are progressive and contemporary. The Marlboro Fresh family offers new experiences, innovations and differentiated refreshing tastes that go beyond the ordinary.

Our new introductions generated a combined volume of 38.5 billion units in 2014, accounting for more than 14% of Marlboro’s total volume. Below are a few examples:

  • Marlboro Touch: An innovative line of slimmer Marlboro cigarettes with different product characteristics to address a range of adult consumer preferences.
  • Marlboro Advance: Launched in Malaysia. The first Marlboro cigarette with a Recessed Filter for a smooth and satisfying taste, packaged in a vibrant blue foil box.
  • Marlboro W-Burst: Launched in Japan. The first cigarette in the world with two capsules in the filter to offer more choice in high cooling taste sensations.
  • Marlboro Kretek Mint: Launched in Mexico. The first Marlboro tobacco blend combining the typical character of Indonesian clove with menthol to deliver a uniquely refreshing taste sensation.
  • Marlboro Premium Black. Launched in the Gulf Cooperation Council countries. An above premium price Marlboro cigarette with a convenient automatic seal to preserve product freshness.


L&M originated in the United States  in 1953. In 2014, L&M was ranked as the third best-selling international cigarette brand outside the United States and China, with a 2014 shipment volume of  94.2 billion units.  

Other International Brands

Parliament, Bond Street, Chesterfield, Philip Morris and Lark are among our most well-known and best-selling international brands.

Bond Street is PMI’s third largest international brand with a volume of 43.6 billion units in 2014.

Parliament is sold in approximately 40 markets. It is the eight largest international cigarette brand in the world and the third largest international PMI brand. In 2014, Parliament volume was 47.2 billion units with a strong presence in Korea, Japan, Russia, Turkey, and Ukraine.

The Philip Morris brand is PMI’s fifth largest international brand with a volume of 31.9 billion units in 2014 and sold in more than 40 countries.

Chesterfield is the fifth largest international PMI brand with a volume of 42.1 billion units in 2014.                                    

Value Segment

The combined volume of three of our value brands—Bond Street, Red & White, and Next—was  62.7 billion units in 2014, reinforcing our position in profitable low-price segments in Eastern Europe (Bond Street), Central Europe (Red & White), and globally (Next).  

Local Brands

We also own a number of important local brands, such as Sampoerna A, Dji Sam Soe and  U Mild in Indonesia, Fortune, Champion and Hope in the Philippines, Diana in Italy, Optima and Apollo-Soyuz in Russia, Morven Gold in Pakistan, Boston in Colombia, Belmont, Canadian Classics and Number 7 in Canada, Best and Classic in Serbia, f6 in Germany, Delicados in Mexico, Assos in Greece and Petra in the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

The Top 10 PMI Brands

Marlboro, L&M, Parliament, Sampoerna A, Bond Street, Chesterfield, Philip Morris, Chesterfield, Lark, Fortune, Dji Sam Soe

Other Tobacco Products

While PMI focuses primarily on cigarettes, our business development interests also extend to other tobacco products (OTP). We have successfully grown our OTP business organically and have complemented this growth with acquisitions of a cigar business in Australia and New Zealand, the company Swedish Match in South Africa and the fine cut brands Interval and Petterøes in Europe.


[1] Philip Morris International Inc. is a Virginia holding company incorporated in 1987. Our subsidiaries and affiliates and their licensees are engaged in the manufacture and sale of cigarettes and other tobacco products in markets outside of the United States of America.

Company Overview

Company Overview

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