Corporate Contributions

Our commitment to communities around the world: Our Contributions program

Philip Morris International (PMI) partners with NGOs around the world to provide community investments that improve the living conditions of people where our employees live and work, and in the agricultural regions where we source tobacco.

In 2013 alone, PMI provided 39 million USD to support critical societal issues across the globe, partnering with more than 300 organizations in 70 countries. 


Our history, our focus

PMI has supported communities around the world for almost 60 years.  In the late 1950’s we were a pioneer in supporting new and innovative art programs; in the 1980’s we led the way in providing global hunger relief, and in the mid 1990’s, we were one of the first global corporations to recognize the critical need to address domestic violence. 

Today, PMI is committed to making a real difference in the communities where we operate and source tobacco.  As such, PMI’s Contributions program focuses across four key areas, namely:

1.                   access to education;

2.                   providing economic opportunity;

3.                   empowering women; and

4.                   disaster relief and preparedness

We understand that success requires a combination of time, local and global partnerships, and that transparency and trust are vital.  No one company can fix all the issues that so many communities face,  such as poverty and exclusion, child labor, domestic violence, a lack of economic opportunity, and an absence of educational and training programs, but by collaborating with NGOs and the local community, a company can improve the livelihoods of those most in need.

How We Operate


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