The employees of Philip Morris International (PMI) seek to create shareholder value by working hard to achieve superior financial results. In pursuing this goal every PMI employee is expected to act with honesty, integrity, and in full compliance with the law and our own policies—and we do so with the firm backing and support of management throughout the organization as well as the PMI Board of Directors.

“There is a simple idea that stands behind everything we do: We pursue our business objectives with integrity and in full compliance with all laws…Nothing is more important than our commitment to integrity—no financial objective, no marketing target, no effort to outdo the competition. No desire to please the boss outweighs that core commitment. Our commitment to integrity must always come first.” 

Louis C. Camilleri, Chairman

Our Compliance & Integrity program is led by PMI’s Chief Compliance Officer, who regularly reviews the program with PMI’s senior corporate officers and with the Board of Directors. We take a number of actions to ensure our conduct  and that of all employees meets the goals we have set. Specifically, we:

  • Train our employees in our compliance standards and regularly communicate about the importance of upholding those standards;  
  • Provide resources to our employees to ask compliance questions or report compliance concerns;
  • Investigate reports of suspected compliance issues and ensure that the necessary action is taken and follow-up measures are in place;
  • Review disciplinary procedures and sanctions for compliance violations;
  • Systematically assess potential risk areas and ensure that we implement the necessary measures to eliminate or mitigate that risk; and
  • Regularly evaluate our Compliance program and identify areas for improvement.

How We Operate

How We Operate

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