PMI Product Marking

PMI Product Marking

Philip Morris International (PMI) is committed to securing the supply chain and fighting illicit trade by using effective tracking and tracing systems and Codentify®.

Tracking and Tracing

Tracking is the ability to monitor the forward movement of finished goods through the supply chain. Tracing is the ability to re-create that movement up to a certain point in the supply chain, to help determine where the product was diverted into illegal channels.

Master Case Tracking Technology

At the beginning of 2000, PMI introduced Master Case Tracking Technology. Today it is a fully integrated system operating in 124 countries.

Each master case is tracked as it moves from the factory to the warehouse and into the supply chain. Every master case carries a unique barcode label and the system automatically links this code to the order from a distributor or wholesaler (first purchaser).

The Codentify® Technology

To fight the illicit trade in tobacco products, PMI uses Codentify®, a bespoke system for enabling carton tracking and tracing and product authentication. The basic principle of Codentify® is simple: a unique and secure, eye-readable, 12-digit code is printed directly onto packs and cartons during manufacturing. The solution works on standard equipment and is easily integrated into the production process.

The Codentify® solution is secure, including various measures to make it impossible for counterfeiters to replicate or steal a valid code.

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