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Assistant Marketing Manager(Messaging & Communications)

The role : 1) Assists Band/Marketing Manager (Line Manager) to develop the strategy and planning for portfolio/communication optimization to deliver the RRP Marketing value proposition and to positively impact on Acquisition, Conversion and Retention business objectives. 2) as a Project Manager of mid to high level complexity initiatives, ensures full delivery of the project including planning, execution/deployment and managing the performance with the Line Manager. ACCOUNTABILITY 1) Assist Line Manager development of strategy for the portfolio/communication framework by providing analysis, insights and leveraging data from market and existing programs of specific focus areas, through - Collaboration with MRCI to understand LAS(Legal Age Smoker) & LAU(Legal Age User) insights - Leveraging data from CAST, conversion surveys, social listening to understand LAS & LAU insights, and - Leveraging learnings from past, and existing programs. 2)Assist Line Manager development of planning for the portfolio/communication framework by collaboration with cross-functions (KA, CP, CSC) and other RRP work-streams (CRM, Digital, FSS) to optimize effectiveness from touchpoint, segmentation, platform and channel perspectives. 3)As Project Manager, supervise (to Executives in smaller projects) and execute (for projects of high complexity) the development, production, execution and monitoring of projects. 4)As Project Manager, collaborate with external agencies directly to - enhance creative co-operation leading to high quality service at optimal cost - ensure that project briefs are accurate (through developing by him/herself for complex projects or by supervising Exec) - manage the creative development processes through project management and providing constructive feedback. 5)As Project Manager, either by supervising Exec or doing by himself/herself ensures that all developed materials and implemented activities are fully in line with local regulations and PMI marketing code (04-C, Good Conversion Practice, etc.), by seeking advice from PMJ's Legal Counsel and Corporate Affairs, and submitting and receiving necessary approvals for all developed plans prior to implementation. 6)As Project Manager, ensures effective control of all brand related Direct Marketing Expenses within allocated budget, and conducts regular meeting with Line Manager. Experience in marketing and planning brand activities in FMCG, preferably global brand Understanding of business dynamics and consumer insights Development of portfolio management and commercialization Development of large scale promotion, and business development Understanding of organization to collaborate cross functionally Planning, Project Management Entreprenuership, Business Perspective Logical thinking Planning, Project Management Priority setting Leading Collaboration
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