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Manager Insights & Reporting, Ethics & Compliance

PMI is building a smoke-free future. This is your chance to be part of the biggest transformation in the history of our company and to help unsmoke the world. The transformation touches every part of our business. Our products. Our relationships with our customers. The technology we use. The speed with which we make decisions and learn from our mistakes. Every step of the way, Ethics & Compliance (E&C) has a key part to play, making this an ideal time to join us. You’ll be part of our E&C team at our international Operations Center in the beautiful lakeside city of Lausanne, Switzerland. You will be reporting directly to the Director E&C Business Practices. You will contribute to the Ethics & Compliance objective to help employees make value-based decisions and avoid their making, or repeating mistakes, by transparently sharing behavioral insights and data analytics and using them in internal investigations, communications and training as part of our human-centric approach. You will be responsible for developing and communicating insights on employee behavior from our Case Management System (CMS) and other internal and external intelligence. You will also be responsible for our quarterly reporting to senior management and to the Audit Committee. Your other responsibilities will be managing the internal investigations training, the Case Management System and the global Integrated Risk Assessment process. Your responsibilities over the data sources, the reporting tools and the systems will enable you to optimize the quality of the data and to influence its content and scope. You will be in daily contact with your E&C team members and interact regularly with all functions, and employees of all levels. Employees who held similar roles in the past successfully moved to positions of greater responsibilities within E&C, Corporate Audit, People & Culture, Sustainability and Science & Innovation. A typical day of the Manager Insights & Reporting may start with a discussion with management in a market about the root-causes that led to a sexual harassment case, followed by a 1-2-1 to advise a new E&C Manager on data quality, an urgent ad-hoc report for a region and finish by briefing a head of function and the Chief Ethics & Compliance Officer about emerging trends in commercial fraud, and proposing behavioral science solutions to prevent repetition. Bring us your intellectual curiosity and analytical mindset and you can become a true pioneer, taking pride in helping to make the future a better place for millions of smokers, their families and their friends. The smoke-free future will be a seismic shift for society and a great addition to your career. Requirements: • Excellent communication skills with the ability to synthesize and present complex data in a simple manner • Focus on customer needs and value in everything you undertake • Proven ability to meet deadlines, manage multiple tasks and deliver consistently with excellence • Excellent knowledge of analytics tools like Tableau, MS PowerBI, VBA, SQL • Strong experience in developing, executing and managing reporting processes and tools • Analytic and pioneering mindset, who is not afraid to take ownership, wanting to be part of a fast moving Ethics & Compliance team • Passion for Behavioral and Data Sciences with a thorough understanding of employee / consumer research methodologies, having learned them through experience in employee / consumer insights, market research, people analytics, employee surveying or through post graduate education in social research • Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in Behavioral Economics and ideally Data Science, Psychology, Criminology, or Consumer Insights, or other relevant field • Experience in using Convercent or other case management systems • Fluent in English You will: • Manage our CMS, train and support users, and conduct data quality assurance • Lead CMS vendor governance and continuous improvement based on user and Insights & Reporting needs • Combine Data Science with Behavioral Economics to draw insights from CMS and other internal and external intelligence • Closely collaborate with the E&C Leadership Team to identify actionable insights • Present and explain emerging insights to the E&C Leadership Team and propose actionable program improvements • Communicate routine insights to the broader E&C team for further use in local employee engagement • Manage the E&C Quarterly Report for the Senior Management Team and the Audit Committee • Make ad-hoc reports for E&C team members in the Communication & Training team, the regions and markets • Oversee the Lay Investigator Program including organizing the investigations training and regular refreshers for trained investigators using case insights • Manage the Investigation Quality Assurance process • Collaborate with other assurance functions on the continuous improvement of the Integrated Risk Assessment process, based on E&C and other functions’ predictive analytics needs What we offer: There are more than 75,000 men and women at PMI, building fulfilling careers. Here are some of the reasons they’ve joined – and stayed with us: • We’re a global business with huge scope to build a career and broaden your horizons; our people make 1000+ cross-functional moves every year; • Our people work with ambition, agility and innovative technology, to embrace change and collaborate on challenging projects; • We’ve been recognized as a Global Top Employer for three years running now and won awards for workplace transparency, and sustainability. PMI is an Equal Opportunity Employer
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