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RISE TO THE CHALLENGE You are an experienced Boilerman with extensive knowledge and experience in medium steam generating facilities in a large operation, repair and maintenance of utilities equipment and safety procedures applicable to working with pressure vessels. You would also have good working experience and knowledge on Utilities supply equipment i.e. Steam Generating Plant, HVAC, Air Compressors, Chiller, and Cooling Water System. You have a Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia (SPM) in addition to possessing preferably Grade 1 Engine Driver in Boiler and Steam Engine issued by DOSH with minimum 5 years’ experience in the related field. In this role, you will be responsible for ensuring the central plant equipment are in safe condition in order to meet utilities demand from the production facilities. In addition, you will maintain good housekeeping in central plant and making sure the plant operation strictly adheres to EHS policies and procedures at all times. Key Responsibilities: Ensure central plant equipment operation in safe and continuous manner in order to meet utilities demand from production facilities. Monitor the equipment at all times to ensure quality utilities supply is maintained to the customers with minimum interruption Ensure accurate data recording for all the equipment is carried out at predetermined intervals and to take preventive action in the event abnormalities are found Perform analysis of water treatment for relevant system and ensure parameters are maintained at recommended level. Where required to dose chemical or blow down the system in order to ensure the assets and supply stays healthy. Maintain good housekeeping in central plant by ensuring all tools and assets are secured and in good condition as well as making sure plant operation strictly adheres to EHS policies and procedures at all time. Take ownership of central plant during shift, ensuring no unauthorized entries are allowed. You will also need to monitor activities of vendors doing maintenance/service in central plant and ensure adherence to agreed scope and applicable EHS procedures Ensure the standby equipment in central plant are always ready to be in operation in shortest possible notice upon request Ensure optimum utilization of equipment and energy by closely monitor energy consumption for central plant equipment and raise alarm if abnormal consumption is observed. Attend to customer’s complaints on quality and quantity of utilities supply with urgency and utilize expertise to trouble shoot and apply preventive measures to avoid recurrence of issues Ensure all work orders raised are completed on time and data entry into CMMS is carried out timely and accurately Actively participate in PMR and P&S meetings and utilize expertise to improve asset availability, reliability an maintainability Assist superior in preparation of pressure vessels and ensure the equipment pass through statutory inspection without any issues Ensure documentation and authorized permits pertaining to the inspection of equipment and movement of any assets are made available at all times Support operation of Engineering Store by providing service to users as and when required, and follow all applicable procedures in order to maintain integrity of inventory in the stores. Any others task that assigned to you by your immediate superior or any other manager in your organization. Essential Skills and competencies: Minimum 5 years' of experience in the related field Holds atleast a Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia (SPM) certificate Preferably possess Grade 1 Engine Driver in Boiler and Steam Engine issued by DOSH Must be comfortable working on rotating day and night shift Good team player and high safety consciousness #LI-DNP
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