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Finance Analyst

Purpose: To prepare, analyze and report a specific component of PMJKK budget and to analyze its actual results. -Finance Analyst must have ability to quickly develop a good understanding of PMJKK business as well as the ability to gather, compile, and analyze information in a timely manner. -Finance Analyst must have the capability to perform financial analyses from the point of business and financial perspective, as required on various issues raised by management, and build effective working relationship with his/her internal customers. Accountability 1 Service internal customers in marketing, sales and overheads cost centers during the preparation of their budgets to ensure timely submission of budget data, as well as in the monitoring/analysis of their respective budget. In the case of overheads budgeting, oversea the usage of Control budget systems by users to prepare cost centers' budgets. Accountability 2 Analyze and consolidate the budget data and validate the data for its reasonability. Accountability 3 Assist his/her Supervisor to develop budget models/scenarios/ad hoc analyses for management to support their decision makings in a timely manner. Accountability 4 Prepare all volume/financial management reporting and analyses in line with PMI reporting requirements during budget cycles/updates and month-end closing. Accountability 5 Analyze and monitor actual financial data and activities in comparison to the budget assumptions to ensure the reasonability of budget data, identify any saving/resource allocation opportunity to optimize the budget utilization and to utilize the analysis for the next budget period. Accountability 6 Maintain the data base in all budget related systems. Accountability 7 Build effective working relationship with internal customers in marketing/sales/overheads cost centers. Major Challenges: * Provide budget data with the support from his / her Supervisor to meet Management requirements in order to assist management decision process. * Work with budget preparers to identify/avoid/eliminate any issues, which may be raised in advance of budget cycles. * Proactively improve the budget processes through understanding business needs and activities. Internal and External Relationships: * Budget preparers of all departments at PMJKK * Other groups of PMJKK finance department * Financial Planning Group of Asia Region
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