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Are you up for a challenge? Do you look for ways to grow in your job? And do you want to build a phenomenal career? Then apply now! We are currently looking for a: Flavorist With the following requirements: • Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in Flavor Science, Food Chemistry, Food Technology or related scientific field • Meaningful experience in creative flavor design or development in tobacco, food, beverages or related fields, including expert ability to craft and adjust flavor formulations • Comprehensive knowledge of flavor regulatory status and worldwide acceptability • Demonstrated ability to work on product development projects using Design Control Methodologies and project management skills to handle multiple assignments simultaneously within cross-functional teams • Fluency in English (both written and oral) * This job requires tasting and profiling the flavor systems in the finished products and therefore is intended only for individuals who are smokers and/or users of smoke-free products, e-cigarettes, or other smokeless tobacco products. If you are also good with deadlines, teamwork and feedback from different partners and management, while operating in a changing environment, you are the one we want for our Flavor Design team, in Philip Morris Products S.A., Science and Innovation, in Neuchâtel, Switzerland. As a Flavorist, you will provide your expertise, creativity and technical direction for successful implementation of global and creative projects, both for conventional, as well as Reduced Risk Products (RRP’s) Your specific responsibilities will be to: • Develop new and modify existing flavor systems for conventional and Reduced Risk Products for use in various markets worldwide • Understand implications of the flavor design on flavor release technologies and the entire product and manufacturing system, to deliver innovation with a total system mindset • Collaborate with internal and external partners to evaluate new raw materials and technologies for flavor creation purposes • Participate in and coordinate sensory evaluation panels, and utilize the data from the panel evaluations to improve/modify the flavor systems of cigarettes & RRPs • Ensure development of product specifications for the conventional and RRPs' flavor systems, and sensory quality within those specifications • Work with Procurement and Material Qualification teams to ensure the quality of the ingredients and finished flavors • Conduct the flavor creation and development activities in total alignment with the appropriate Regulations, procedures and quality standards Why work for us? 1. We are international: you work with clients and learn on-the-job from team members from all over the world; 2. We are flexible: your work fits you and not the other way round, thanks to our Flexible work Arrangement Program; 3. We are a certified top employer: we consider our employees to be our strongest asset, and we are developing talent throughout all levels of the organization. And rest assured, as the first multinational company in Switzerland to obtain the Equal-Salary label, for men and women, our competitive salary and compensation package is for all our employees! Join a global market leader Philip Morris International: Building a Smoke-Free Future Philip Morris International (PMI) is leading a transformation in the tobacco industry to create a smoke-free future and ultimately replace cigarettes with smoke-free products to the benefit of adults who would otherwise continue to smoke, society, the company and its shareholders. PMI is a leading international tobacco company engaged in the manufacture and sale of cigarettes, smoke-free products and associated electronic devices and accessories, and other nicotine-containing products in markets outside the U.S. PMI is building a future on a new category of smoke-free products that, while not risk-free, are a much better choice than continuing to smoke. Through multidisciplinary capabilities in product development, state-of-the-art facilities and scientific substantiation, PMI aims to ensure that its smoke-free products meet adult consumer preferences and rigorous regulatory requirements. PMI's smoke-free IQOS product portfolio includes heated tobacco and nicotine-containing vapor products. As of Dec. 31, 2018, PMI estimates that approximately 6.6 million adult smokers around the world have already stopped smoking and switched to PMI’s heated tobacco product, which is currently available for sale in 44 markets in key cities or nationwide under the IQOS brand. For more information, see our PMI and PMIScience websites. PMI is an Equal Opportunity Employer If you wish to contribute to the future of our business and to the new scientific journey of the industry, please apply online. As with many countries, Switzerland has immigration restrictions which will impact the possibility for non-nationals to work in the country. Profiles required for this position may not being specific enough to justify the recruitment of a person outside of Switzerland or countries having agreed upon free movement with Switzerland, please note that in this case a valid Swiss work permit or Swiss or EU-25 EFTA citizenship is required to apply for this position.
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