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Manager CSC Technology

Over the past three years, Philip Morris International (PMI) has made a dramatic pivot away from the marketing and sales of combustible cigarettes, and moved towards its Reduced-Risk Product (RRP) portfolio, focusing on its flagship product, IQOS. This product is PMI’s step forward to creating a “smoke-free future” for legal age consumers who continue to enjoy tobacco, but are seeking smoke-free alternatives. All of this has been accompanied by an organization-wide transformation in ways of working, culture and strategy. You will join a highly dynamic and rapidly evolving environment in a role which requires great agility, ability to deal with ambiguity, drive, curiosity and entrepreneurial-spirit. Today, we are looking for a Manager CSC Technology. In this role, you will: - Contribute to the overall B2C Technology and Inrastructure Strategy in the Customer Service Centers (CSC) area by designing, developing and deploying technology and innovations to uplift CSC customer experiences, operations and effectiveness. - Act as the business-side single point of contact for our Digital and IS departments to express CSC business requirements coming from different teams and geographies. Continuously evolve our global portfolio of CSC systems. - Act as a Partner with internal stakeholders (Customer Care, Customer Operations Centers, eCommerce, Brand Retail, Digital/IS, RRP markets) to drive pilot and full-scale implementation across launch markets and customer operations sites, with global consistency. Be a key enabler of our omni-channel experiences excellence, exploring and testing new solutions and to support brick and mortar as well as digital commerce. Specific responsibilities: DESIGN & ENABLE THE CSC TECHNOLOGY ROADMAP You will be in charge to Design/select/develop relevant solutions with Digital, IS and procurement departments, build and communicate a development and deployment roadmap. Also, you will Identify and document requirements & processes to be supported by system capabilities for CSCs through a solid collaboration with Customer Service Centers, other B2C channels and PMI affiliates. Continuously assessment of customer experience and efficiency vs. targets; build business requirements well aligned with the rest of B2C team and PMI vendors' technology stack. The Priorities projects and requirements through a structured governance process to ensure global system and data consistency as well as managing capacity to deliver. CSC technology currently encompasses: customer care software platforms. Telephony and Omni channel connectivity, computer-telephony integration, agent capability enablement and customer interaction analytics. DRIVE SOLUTION ACQUISITION, EVALUATION & ADOPTION Also, you will Coordinate internal (Markets, Digital, IS) and external (CSC and technology vendors) stakeholders to drive technology selection and acquisition, if suitable by leveraging MVP/pilot approaches; lead system acquisition and implementation through solid and well established project management skills and practices. Collaborate with deployment team to ensure local market requirements are considered as part of this process. ANIMATE FEEDBACK LOOP & CONTINUOUS IMPROVEMENT Animate a global CSC Technology community & feedback loop to feed the roadmap with required evolutions and improvements on existing systems and solutions. Continuously evaluate customer experience and operational efficiency to identify system-driven improvement opportunities; capture such opportunities either by driving acquisition of new systems or by developing additional features / integration within existing tech stack." ENABLE OMNI-CHANNEL EXPERIENCES Facilitate Omni channel service design e.g. lending, customer care programs... Design integration of services into IQOS CSC ecosystem. Enable cross-channel, seamless customer journeys to connect offline with online experiences. Enable unified customer view, experience and reporting by proactively collaborating with peers and other functions and ensure CSC data modeling and flows requirements consistency across channels." CHANGE MANAGEMENT Govern and lead the change management process for CSC back-end systems, liaising with customer operations, service quality & training leadership in order to ensure a smooth and effective change management process and the full exploitation of system and process capabilities by PMI's outsourced agents population. Deliver through a solid project management approach, communicating proactively with stakeholders and decision-makers." CONTINUOUS TECHNOLOGY CAPABILITIES DEVELOPMENT Collaborate with Deployment team, Digital/IS and Markets to define processes and ensure availability of resources (internal / contracted) to: - Continuously configure, develop and deploy CSC systems to provide required capabilities (e.g. intra-site, intra-vendor volume routing; new campaign configuration...) - Provide end-user support for all technologies used in CSCs Philip Morris International: Delivering a Smoke-Free Future Philip Morris International (PMI) is leading a transformation in the tobacco industry to create a smoke-free future and ultimately replace cigarettes with smoke-free products to the benefit of adults who would otherwise continue to smoke, society, the company and its shareholders. PMI is a leading international tobacco company engaged in the manufacture and sale of cigarettes, smoke-free products and associated electronic devices and accessories, and other nicotine-containing products in markets outside the U.S. PMI is building a future on a new category of smoke-free products that, while not risk-free, are a much better choice than continuing to smoke. Through multidisciplinary capabilities in product development, state-of-the-art facilities and scientific substantiation, PMI aims to ensure that its smoke-free products meet adult consumer preferences and rigorous regulatory requirements. PMI’s smoke-free IQOS product portfolio includes heat-not-burn and nicotine-containing vapor products. As of June 30, 2019, PMI estimates that approximately 8.0 million adult smokers around the world have already stopped smoking and switched to PMI’s heat-not-burn product, available for sale in 48 markets in key cities or nationwide under the IQOS brand. For more information, please visit www.pmi.com and www.pmiscience.com.
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