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Are you an action oriented individual with good problem solving skills? If yes, then we would like to hear from you. We are looking to recruit our next Project Engineer. RISE TO THE CHALLENGE PMFTC is seeking talented people to join our Central Engineering Team in our Marikina site. As a Project Engineer, you will be supervising the implementation and execution of projects in the factory and ensure all projects are completed per work scope, specifications, allocated budget, PMI standards and statutory requirements. You will also assist in defining budgetary requirements, scope of work and specifications necessary to implement modifications to existing equipment and new installations in the factory. - Coordinates with all stakeholders and take verification processes with cost estimation to determine the project feasibility. Plan the resource requirements and project schedule, organize project activities, make financial documents, and coordinate with project participants to achieve targets and objectives in line with PM standards and demand of requestors. Review and analyze adequacy of project activities to find the optimal method and to improve execution. - Manages and implements programs to optimize the Primary process and operations by ensuring that the processes operate according to standards and specifications. Ensures allowable deviation limits on the key operating and quality parameters and guidelines for reaction to non-conformance. - Ensures that the project activities are relevant to related internal and external functions through project meeting, information sharing and progress notice with updating project reports on project status. Control, maintain and update project documentation for traceability and financial reporting. - Identifies and implements cost reduction and continuous improvement programs by closely monitoring key performance indicators – actual line and equipment efficiency and utilization, capacity upgrade and optimization, safety record, product quality, blend integrity, and processing performance and results. - Ensures that projects complies with PMI standards and statutory requirements. Secures with responsible entity in the factory all government permits and licenses required to complete the projects. - Designs and implements necessary and useful processing worksheets, log sheets, process monitoring and control forms and other recording and reporting systems. - Arranges and anticipates contractor activities, materials and processes with bidding process support of procurement function in order to achieve expected quality and optimal costs of implementation. - Supervises contractors in the implementation of the projects. Ensures that the project is implemented based on work scope, specifications, terms of contract, allocated budget and PM policies and procedures. QUALIFICATIONS You have a college degree preferably in Mechanical or/and Electrical Engineering or relevant fields or related courses. You must also have a minimum of 2 years of engineering project experience in a mass production environment / plant engineering environment and planning or/and scheduling experience in mass manufacturing environment. You must be amenable to be assigned in Marikina City. WORK LOCATION AND SCHEDULE Marikina: Marikina Plant C & D Generally, Mondays to Fridays, 8:00 am to 5:00 pm
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