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Care Programs Executive

Purpose of the Position: This position develops, deploys, and manages programs under IQOS Customer Care team and Consumer programs team in order to improve consumer experience from all aspects. This position requires planning and executing of new programs, as well as developments and enhancements on existing ones. Execution and developments of programs will require collaboration with the main call center vendor, Digital team, IT team, Yamato, and other stakeholders within PMJ. Principal Accountabilities Accountability 1: - Maintain and improve current retention programs which are managed under customer service team. Specific Programs are shown below: - Detractors call: Calls made by agents to consumers who are detractors to improve consumer sentiment and also understand reason for low rating and improve areas where consumers are unhappy. NPS and CSAT is monitored. - Replacement follow-up calls: Calls are made by agents to consumers who have a replacement. The call is made one week after the replacement and agent will check if consumers experience with device is ok. NPS and CSAT is monitored. - Hyper Care Calls: Calls are made by agent to existing consumers who purchase a second or third IQOS to guide them through ‘how to use’ and address any issues faced by consumer. - Coach Calls: Calls are made by agent to new consumers who purchase IQOS to guide them through ‘how to use’ and educate them on the benefit of IQOS to make sure they only use IQOS and don’t go back to conventional cigarettes. Conversion and NPS is monitored. Accountability 2: - Be the main customer service representative for the Subscription program: - Escalate any new issues raised from consumers/agents to the system team and track so that issues are solved and consumer journey/experience is improved - Main contact point for escalations coming from the call center - Propose improvements to make consumer journey/experience better - Provide input from customer service standpoint for any new developments made for the subscription program Accountability 3: - Collaborate with various stakeholders within PMJ to build business requirements for various programs. - Obtain input/feedback from call center agents for certain systems in order to build requirements - Understand systems being used by call center agents so that pain points can be understood Requirements: - University degree. - 3 years+ project or program management experience. - Passionate about improving customer care and enhancing consumer experience with consumer focus. - Open-minded with a positive approach with good collaboration with internal (PMJ, PMI OC) and external stakeholders (vendors). - Detailed understanding of web / system function/structure to support execution. - Excellent leadership and organizational skills; attention to detail; willingness to work in a fast paced environment and effectively meet aggressive timelines. - The ability to work independently, unsupervised, and deliver ongoing results. - Flexibility in a fast changing environment. - Language Ability: Professional written and verbal English and Japanese.
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