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Manager Consumer Journey

Purpose: Be responsible for designing and continuously improving the consumer journeys across all touchpoints and channels, consistently with the global brand and consumer journey guidelines. Working closely with the Customer Care, Retail, Marketing and Digital teams on designing on- and offline (with the digital-first in mind) customer interactions. Critical stakeholders: - Head of Consumer Experience - Head of Consumer Journey - Marketing team - Digital team - Customer Care team - Commercial Operations team - Corporate Communications team - External Affairs team - Legal team - Enterprise Analytics team - Regional Commercial team - Global Commercial deployment team - Global Marketing Key accountabilities: - Consumer Experience Management o Identify the critical consumer experience episodes, needs & pain points across journey stage for Vietnamese Legal Age Consumers in line with PMI’s consumer journey strategy to facilitate efficient program development & deployment. o Coordinate with respective Market Research, Marketing, Retail, Enterprise Analytics team for market researches, data analysis, market observations & feedbacks in evaluating the opportunity brief for episode & identifying experience gap, designing key initiatives to ease consumer needs, improve pain points in line with global principles defined for the brand. o Coordinate with respective Market Research, Marketing, Retail, Enterprise Analytics team for deploying consumer survey, FFWD test to validate the critical hypothesis or evaluate new initiative to ensure impact & efficiency. - Consumer Program Orchestration: o Monitor and validate consumer programs to ensure the right focus on critical episode, address relevant needs, and crucial pain point of consumers. o Orchestrate all consumer programs & initiatives across functions & channels to avoid potential conflicts & consumer experience seamless. o Work with Marketing & Digital team on content & communication development to ensure customer appreciation across the entire customer lifecycle. o Coordinate closely with Enterprise Analytics & deployment team to evaluate the program performance, collect consumer feedback, develop insightful reports to measure the program performance versus defined objectives, as well as cost effectiveness, and define next strategy. - Omni-Channel Experience: o Monitor & evaluate consumer experience across channels, together with Retail, Commercial, Customer Care team, design & deploy omni-channel approach to ensure consistent consumer experiences across touchpoints. - Project & Budget Management: o Together with project team, set clear & measurable project goals, establish comprehensive project tasks and a realistic timeline for completion by assigned parties, evaluate progress and make right adjustments as needed to ensure that clients, internal or external, achieve their desired results. o Coordinate closely with PMO team for project development, deployment, assessment, work with finance & HR in term of budget, resource requirement. o Control and manage the investment to optimal ROI for consumer engagement priority - Customer Relationship Management: o Together with Head of Customer Care to decide the data architecture & migration methodology to ensure it works seamlessly across the organization and captures all required information at key points in the customer life cycle o Ensuring the consumer database is segmented effectively for targeted marketing activities in line with global strategy and latest market intelligence. o Ensure value creation at the different stages of the customer lifecycle o Developing testing strategies for all aspects of the CRM to ensure the most effective approach for the company and its products. o Work with Enterprise Analytics team to closely monitor & ensure data refreshment, data availability for all insightful reports related to critical measurement on consumer satisfaction, conversation, and engagement along customer journey.
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