Be a part of a revolutionary change Your ‘day to day’ Partner with the business in international assignments planning and implementation. Create positive end-to-end Mobility experience of globally mobile talent and provide information and analysis to enable timely business decisions in relation to Global Mobility. Main accountabilities • Policy and Process Management - Maintain, interpret and apply the Policies and Processes that govern Global Mobility. Leverage policy framework and processes to meet stakeholders’ needs and PMI guidelines. Build Critical Path Schedule in cooperation with other stakeholders. Proactively advise the assignee on the expected steps and Company guidelines. Ensure assignees’ smooth mobility experience. Track assignment progress and inform stakeholders about the status. Act as consultant for the assignee, local P&C and Management. Comfortable communicating negative decisions when necessary. • Stakeholder Management - Communication with a range of stakeholders within and outside PMI. Approach assignment coordination as project management by addressing and managing competing stakeholder priorities and deadlines to minimize inefficiencies and maximize collaboration across teams, involving stakeholders at the relevant stages of the process, ensuring quality and timely tasks execution by stakeholders. • Business Integration - Act in partnership with the business in order to add value to the decision making regarding international assignments from both business and talent management perspective. Present information in an impactful manner using the arguments valid for the business and assignee. Foster talent development by ensuring clear assignment goals are set and followed. Support business objectives by applying GM expertise. Acknowledge business concerns. Share best practices. Build relations and proactively advise on Global Mobility guidelines. • Analysis and Evaluation - Review and evaluate incidents, requests and suggestions from a range of internal and external sources, apply data to make clear, targeted recommendations. Critically assess the need for exception raising. Clearly describe the exceptional case in order to provide the information required for decision-making. • Systems Application - Use GM systems relevant to the role appropriately, taking into account their interrelations and interdependencies both with each other and with wider PMI systems matrix, as well as impact on payments. • Content and Knowledge Sharing - Capture, maintain, use and share knowledge and information on GM processes, systems, and stakeholders. Collaborate to ensure consistent team performance and alignment. Who we’re looking for • 3-5 years of solid Global Mobility experience with proven expertise in client and stakeholder management, process and project management. • Possesses deep knowledge of the Global Mobility principles and processes and uses it to provide solutions for the business as this role will be involved in projects with global visibility • Can effectively manage senior stakeholders, participate in/lead improvement projects and trainings development regularly. Can explain logic behind the policies, and processes. Fosters collaboration with other teams. Can represent the team in projects and is able to perform the tasks and accountabilities of the Supervisor during his/her absence. Can act as a back-up for exceptional cases analysis. • Excellent written and oral communication skills in English • Previous experience with SAP is an asset Work Schedule Mondays to Fridays, 8:30 am to 5:30 pm