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Purpose: Lead product portfolio strategy, direction and development for all brands to capture market opportunities and leverage innovation to ensure sustainable growth and alignment with overall strategy. Critical stakeholders: - Head of Consumer Experience - Head of Marketing - Consumer Journey Team - Customer Care Team - Digital Team - Retail Team - External Affairs Team - Legal Team - Enterprise Analytics Team - Customer Service Team - Regional Commercial Team - Regional Product Portfolio Team - Global Portfolio, Innovations & Packaging Team - External stakeholders as Creative & Digital Agencies, Materials production Vendors Key accountabilities: - Strategic Planning & Management o Lead and develop strategic planning, in terms of portfolio, pricing, channels that support and introduce solutions in building and articulating key marketing strategies. o Identify and evaluate new business initiatives, recommend strategies for augmenting short and long-term business growth, perform market & consumer analysis, design portfolio plans and track industry trends that could affect production efficiency and profitability. o Work closely with Enterprise Analytics in terms of performance across channels to optimize portfolio performance & provide short and long term forecast & production planning. - Portfolio Development o Lead product development projects and ensure timely project management and commercial deployment plans to meet brand objectives and capitalize market opportunities. o Coordinate & manage communication between all stakeholders to ensure transparency and involvement to achieve short & long-term portfolio strategy & developments. o Contribute strategically on portfolio formulation and individual brand/ line extension strategies. o Keep up-to-date of on-going consumer trends to ensure portfolio fashion in trend & fuel the growth. o Drive new initiative product launches in coordination with both internal & external stakeholders. - Portfolio Content o Lead portfolio content development & work closely with content & messaging team across Omni-channel to ensure consistency of product selling messages. o Provide product characteristics guidelines for guided trials & taste experiments. - Project & Budget Management: o Together with the project team, set clear & measurable project goals, establish comprehensive project tasks and a realistic timeline for completion by assigned parties, evaluate progress and make right adjustments as needed to ensure that clients, internal or external, achieve their desired results. o Manage portfolio budget planning process and provide strategic marketing budget recommendation in line with business long-range plan. o Control budget process to ensure monitoring the usage of each department and provide analysis regarding the variances on monthly basis. o Recommend changes/corrective plans and actions in order to ensure optimum budget allocation and spending. Illustrative Key Performance Indicators (not exhaustive): - Net promoter score - Sales Volume and Revenue - Share of Market - Smoker shares (CC only) - Consumer marketing ROI Requirement: - At least 5+ years in experience in Marketing with 2 years Portfolio Management experience; - Solid experience in Digital Marketing. Experience with relevant Marketing technologies, including Email Marketing, Cloud-Based Customer Relationship Management. Content management & database management platforms. Strong understands consumer journey and integrated marketing tools to enhance consumer experience. - Working effectively with agencies. Understanding of media/events and creative agencies, and the role they play in activities such as product development, material designs & production, content optimization, media auditing, communication and events. - Analyzing multi-channel consumer data - Experience of working in lean, test & learn environment(s).