Tokyo, Japan





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Purpose: This position is responsible to ensure how we conduct operations in PMJ by documenting all processes in commercial operation activities and service activities and by monitoring current status periodically. This includes not only operational process but also financial activities of our operation. In addition, when new program / initiatives and/or system is designed, this position would be a consultation from operational process including policy compliance. Nature of this position by understanding current process and cost, this position may need to lead the initiative for wider audiences including OC. Also, this position is responsible to report all activities to not only commercial channel team but also PMJ management. Accountability: Policy Develop and/or localize internal policy in alignment with PMJ management team compliant with global policy (e.g. replacement policy by when new product is launched). Especially in case of global policy, deep dive the feasibility to implement into Japan market from legal regulation and current execution practice Process management Develop and maintain all process in all commercial operations Especially in case of new program planned, be a point of contact for consulting operational feasibility and necessity of system modification Compliance assessment Monitor operations being compliant with policy / process by data, and revise process or operation when needed. Reporting Develop all reporting for both internal use and external reporting. Be a point of contact with in-depth analysis when needed (e.g. – abuse activity analysis, GDPR analysis, replacement analysis)