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Purpose: Build, update and maintain the engagement engine for all PMJ employees and 3rd party employees supporting PMJ Accountability: Ÿ Build, update and maintain the engagement engine for all PMJ employees and 3rd party employees supporting PMJ with a purpose to educate, share knowledge & updates and engage / motivate the employees supporting B2B & B2C activities Ÿ Ensure high standard employee/3rd party employee engagements across all touchpoints & platforms (Fuse) and drive consumer centricity through the employees Ÿ Elevate NPS & consumer satisfaction (CS) through high quality of engagement of our and 3rd party employees in learning and knowledge & skills development Ÿ Develop, co-create and trans create materials/ messages needed for engaging & training the employees through digital platforms Ÿ Track & measure impact of training & engagement programs and monitor development of employees, sharing data with Head of CCCD Key Activities Ÿ Ensure FUSE for 3rd parties’ platform locally deployed to build 3rd parties knowledge by leveraging primarily global content per B2C channel. Ÿ Provide regular updates on programs and knowledge sharing for employees and third party utilizing Fuse &/or any other digital platforms Ÿ Manage digital community of practitioners on Fuse, constantly updating with relevant materials, updates and other training/ engagement related activities Ÿ Ensure the content is value add and engaging for the employees and 3rd party employees and make learning interesting & fun Ÿ Manage Fuse for TPO, access rights & knowledge shared to be compliant to PM requirements Ÿ Measure & track performance of various programs, updates, trainings deployed through the platform and report for compliance, completion and other measures Ÿ Based on identified training & engagement gaps, update Fuse &/or other platform content to target improving areas of gap identified. Develop Local support tool box (E-learning, manuals, and any supporting tool) based on gaps identified with Channel heads and HOFs Ÿ Support adaptation of global and local PM Products (RRP/CC/ Vape etc.) related training to market culture and needs for Fuse & all communities. Local adaptation work including translation Ÿ Ensure timely & quality deployment of programs & community engagement, performance tracking and continuous improvement Ÿ Follow Global governance model for quality assurance, fuse management, third party rights and conduct quality check in the approved manner Work Experience: Ÿ 1 ~ 3 years’ experience in LMS (Learning Management System) either on business or HR side Ÿ 3 ~ 5 years’ experience in business such as marketing, sales, or strategy planning is desirable Competencies & Skills: Ÿ Working productively with resilience in a fast-paced, demanding environment Ÿ Leading and managing change via good communication Ÿ Working effectively in a team environment and to collaborate across lines of business and functions Ÿ Active listening and observations skills Ÿ Strong communication skills to impact and influence at all levels in the organization Ÿ Strong relationship management and engagement skills, with people at all levels in the organization Ÿ Strong presentation skills Ÿ Excellent verbal and written communication skills in both Japanese and English with ability to communicate at all levels within the organization with tact and professionalism Ÿ Good knowledge of LMS