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Purpose of the Position: Manager of Enterprise Analytics, leads the development and execution of best-in-class end to end enterprise analytics capabilities at PMJ to help the organization to realize data driven decision making. The key components of the capabilities are (1) Data Governance & Management, (2) Business Intelligence, (3) Analytics & Insight, and (4) Advanced Analytics. Manager of Enterprise Analytics is a strategic partner to all the business leaders at PMJ and EA&A RHQ, and provides subject matter expertise, ensuring the high-quality support for business planning, new product launch, market dynamics understanding, customer profiling, segmentation and targeting, omni-channel CRM, enterprise / product / program level KPI design and reporting, identifying potential growth/ competitive advantage. Manager of Enterprise Analytics is also expected to build robust analytics capability for the future, leveraging emerging capabilities such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, and robotics process automation etc. to strengthen our competitive edge in analytics. Manager of Enterprise Analytics reports to Director of Strategy & Program Delivery (S&PD) and is a part of leadership team within the function. Enriching S&PD's organization capability, talent, and culture development to demonstrate as reliable leader and role model is also expected. Accountabilities • Define enterprise analytics strategy and execution - Create enterprise analytics strategy including 4 pillars (the key component of capabilities) for ensuring PMJ's business growth and sustainability - Design and build required capabilities, infrastructure and develop/ hire talents to deliver the strategy - Proactively develop and implement new and innovative solutions to meet business needs and resolve business issues - Enhance operating model to ensure agility, flexibility and quality service while optimizing efficiency and cost • Identify business needs, assess, and prioritize - Define and anticipate strategic questions / business needs from Management Team in local and region and shape point of views - Act as a though leader / catalyst between key internal stakeholders for identifying business needs from data analytics perspectives - Assess project request / plan from business as a part of data diligence for project governance committee - Prioritize and build an integrated work plan with internal stakeholders• Comms toolbox and development of all assets (except packaging) for Valentine's Day, White Day, Father's & Mother's Day • Commercial data acquisition, cleansing, storage, integration, monitoring and change control of data - Oversee PMJ's data governance model design work in alignment with global data governance practices - Oversee design / maintenance work of data dictionary and business glossary - Ensure accuracy and quality of data in storage - Define remediation strategy and actions for data issues • Analyze, communicate & recommend - Perform / oversee detailed data analysis, data validation and identify data quality issues - Analyze and communicate actual performance regularly and ad-hoc - Gather insights, analyze & share findings, incorporate/advise to adjust corporate / functional strategy accordingly - Provide actionable, strategically focused, evidence based insights and recommendations to functions and management - Work closely with other functions to ensure plans deployed are data-driven - Develop advance and predictive models that provide valuable insights to management• Online and Offline content strategy – contact point for OC for master assets • Reporting - Define and provide accurate, relevant & timely reporting and tracking of core KPIs and performance results, covering Commercial and Consumer data - Manage the availability of information at a user friendly, standardized and actionable format for all stakeholders - Develop dashboards with full KPI tracking of commercial objectives and lead the development of new methodologies to support measurement of commercial initiatives and increase efficient use of resources • Data analytics development leadership - Review the latest technological/data analytics development and identify those that should be researched further - Identify external partners capable to develop prospective data analytics solutions - Lead data analytics development projects in-line with timelines and quality levels required for RRP development - Liaise with IT or vendors to ensure proper development of systems/tools to support analytical capabilities and maximize efficient use of resources. • People management and development - Build team that have diverse experience, including data scientists, business intelligence, CRM, etc. - Impact and influence team with strategic direction, leadership and role-modeling of PMI values - Coaching: work with team members on their development and support them so that they can perform at their best - Set high expectations against objectives to drive individual performance - Actively work with team members on their career development - Ensure learnings are shared across teams to enhance experience and consumer, brand and business intelligence depth • Compliance - Carry out all of the activities ensuring that PMI Compliance Policies, standards, and laws relating to these activities are fully respected, integrated and understood by stakeholders, and implement adequate processes to ensure the protection of information of a confidential nature. [REQUIRED SKILLS and COMPTENCIES] Requirements • Master’s or bachelor’s degree in economics, physics, computer science, informatics or mathematics • MBA is a plus • Excellent business knowledge Work experience • A minimum of 7 years of experience in data management, data analytics, reporting and business intelligence with people and stakeholder management experience • Data analytics consulting experience is a plus Function Specific • Strong strategic thinking, leadership, and networking, communication and influencing skills • Ability to lead and manage wide range of work with virtual and matrix teams including vendor / contractor • Strong visualization techniques and skills in PowerPoint • English skill - capable to write, communicate and facilitate the discussion and meetings with senior leaders • Strong in Commercial and Consumer based analytics and predictive methodologies • Solid understanding of structured and unstructured data • Familiar with conventional and advance analytic tool (Google 360, Analytic suite, listening tool, etc..) and Master Data Management framework and methodology • Capability to run analytics with SQL and Python • Passionate in keeping pace with analytics industry, including new technologies, new methodologies.