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Purpose: Play a leading role in driving the cultural transformation of PM Japan from brand-centric to a consumer-centric organization by optimizing the consumer insights gathering and analysis processes. Also provide strong support for portfolio development and enhancement by delivering quality of consumer knowledge and insights to address business questions, as well as capitalizing on market trends and identifying long term opportunities. Accountability: - Drives cultural transformation of PM Japan from a brand-centric to a consumer-centric organization by disseminating a consumer-centric mindset across the organization under the supervision of Manager: A. Develop and implement cross-functional processes that focus decision makers on relevant and actionable insights that drive consumer engine B. Scope, evaluate and engage business partners with relevant expertise to increase impact and promote the consumer-centrism - Manage and develop Research Agencies and other agencies coordinating the production of CI & Research materials and the implementation of study methodologies. This includes: A.Write high quality ad-hoc research briefs, questionnaires and guidelines that clearly meets business objectives, B. Ensure quality execution of Consumer and Trade Research studies as per individually set objectives, C. Evolve & upgrade research tools to generate actionable data that is a catalyst for insight and innovation, D. Review and value-add of reports, conclusions and recommendations generated by local or selected suppliers and facilitate deployment of information throughout organization - Provide strategic market information and analysis with business implications/recommendations to ensure that marketing decisions are made based on sound market insights A. Drive data extraction, analysis and synthesis that focuses on strategic priorities B. Coach and guide internal customers on understanding and utilizing Market Research output C. Provide analysis and presentation of actionable, strategically focused, evidence based recommendations, D: Specifically, own and master tools such as Owner Panel, Social Listening platform, and fully utilize them for analysis and insights generation to support driving business - Drive innovation for insights gathering. Identify ways of finding consumer insights using techniques and methods that meet consumer behaviors and internal customers' needs. Learn from PMI as well as other categories, apply to meet business expectations, and share the best practice with wider audience including other markets - Contribute to global Insights initiatives/project in cross-market team, demonstrating global and local representativeness to optimize quality and efficiency of insights gathering - Ensure all research and CI projects, activities and analysis, reports are fully compliant to PMI 40 and PMI 40-G1, PMI 41 and PMI 41-G1 Skills and Competencies- Education: - BA or equivalent degree - MA or MS in Marketing, Economics, or Business Administration preferred Skills and Competencies- Work Experience: - 5+ years of experience in consumer-related fields such as marketing, marketing research in a research agency, FMCG company or an advertising agency Skills and Competencies- Others: - Knowledge in market research techniques, both qualitative and quantitative - Strong English report writing skills that include developing strategic insights - Experienced in presentation skills - able to articulate ideas and thoughts in the impactful way & deliver insights