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Philip Morris International: Building a Smoke-Free Future At PMI, we’ve chosen to do something incredible. We’re totally transforming our business and building our future on smoke-free products with the power to improve the lives of a billion smokers worldwide. With huge change, comes huge opportunity. So, wherever you join us, you’ll enjoy the freedom to dream up and deliver better, brighter solutions and the space to move your career forward in endlessly different directions. SUMMARY Provide first contact support for employees and managers, with comprehensive and reliable information for compensation and benefits as well as mobility areas and handle all incoming queries (phone calls, e-mails, face to face) based on PMI guidelines/practices. Perform HR transactional and operational tasks at the affiliate level which cannot be covered by the SSC due to legal requirements and which requires a face to face contact, to meet or exceed service levels and business case assumptions. 1st Principal Accountability Provide local expertise in the area of Global program such as Incentive program, equity award, compensation planning, merit, and salary survey to regional Total Reward Team for attracting, retaining, and motivating both existing employees and candidates. Educate regional Total Reward Team for supporting their familiarity with our local practice. 2nd Principal Accountability Manage and review payroll calculation to ensure accurate data is always reflected to the individual payroll, and give an advice and guidance to payroll administrator and ensure all process meets the audit requirement and necessary data is stored appropriately. 3rd Principal Accountability Provide necessary support in accordance with the Employee Life Cycle, such as management of Leave of Absence, personal information change, and support the employees to claim various insurance such as disability allowance, work-related accident insurance, GLTD, life insurance etc., 4th Principal Accountability Support P&C Managers (Business Partners) for providing compensation related training to employees for encouraging their well understanding. Proactively provide professional expertise and share the experience with P&C Managers if necessary. Handle various inquiries related to comp from employees and advice and support them as necessary. 5th Principal Accountability Handle payroll related legal requirements and manage annual reporting exercise to submit to the governments and other organizations such as health insurance association in timely and accurate manner. 6th Principal Accountability Understand the Labor Standard Law changes and foresee the impact on the work rule in advance. Maintain the work rule under consultation of Labor social insurance consultant and Law department to make sure this meets the statutory requirement. Grasp and analyze the latest market practice to be competitive to the market, and suggest and implement the changes if necessary. Prepare the necessary documentation to report to the labor office, and inform employees the updating for encouraging employees' well understanding to PMJ work rule. Handle the inquiries from employees, line managers and P&C Managers and give an advice or solutions if necessary. Work Experience ・at least 5+ years’ experience in C&B area ・at last 2 years’ experience in multinational company ・University degree WHAT WE OFFER Our success depends on the men and women who come to work every single day with a sense of purpose and an appetite for progress. Join PMI and you too can: • Seize the freedom to define your future and ours – we’ll empower you to take risks, experiment and explore • Be part of an inclusive, diverse culture, where everyone’s contribution is respected; collaborate with some of the world’s best people and feel like you belong • Pursue your ambitions and develop your skills with a global business – our staggering size and scale provides endless opportunities to progress • Take pride in delivering our promise to society: to improve the lives of a billion smokers JOIN A GLOBAL MARKET LEADER PMI is the world’s leading international tobacco company, with six of the world's top 15 international brands and products sold in more than 180 markets. In addition to the manufacture and sale of cigarettes, including the number one global cigarette brand, and other tobacco products, PMI is engaged in the development and commercialization of Reduced-Risk Products (“RRPs”). RRPs is the term we use to refer to products that present, are likely to present, or have the potential to present less risk of harm to smokers who switch to these products versus continued smoking. We have a range of RRPs in various stages of development, scientific assessment and commercialization. Because our RRPs do not burn tobacco, they produce far lower quantities of harmful and potentially harmful compounds than found in cigarette smoke. For more information, see and PMI is an Equal Opportunity Employer.  Philip Morris International: 煙のない社会の実現に向けて 私たちはビジネスを全面的に変革し、世界中の10億人の喫煙者の生活を改善する力を持つ、煙のない製品で未来を築こうとしています。 概要 給与、福利厚生、モビリティに関する包括的で信頼性の高い情報とサービスを従業員に対して提供することが求められます。また、PMIのガイドライン/プラクティスに基づく各種問い合わせ(電話、Eメール、対面)についての一時対応を担うことが求められます。 グローバルプロセスを主管するシェアードサービスセンターではカバーされない人事プロセスについて、ローカル(日本法人)での人事関連の企画運営および運用タスクの実務を担います。これらは主に法律要件によって日本の労働法に基づく業務を行うことを意味します。 1st Principal Accountability 既存の従業員と外部候補者の両方にとって魅力があり、モチベーションとなるようなインセンティブ・プログラム、エクイティ、報酬計画、メリット(定期昇給)、サラリーサーベイなどのグローバル・プログラムの策定と実施運用について、日本の労働市場に基づいた専門知識をアジアリージョンのトータルリワードチームに提供し、協同します。 2nd Principal Accountability 給与計算、勤怠管理、レビュー業務。常に正確なデータが個々の給与計算に反映されていることを確認し、給与責任者と協同し必要な助言、サポートを行い、すべてのプロセスが監査要件を満たし、必要なデータが適切に保管されていることを確認する。給与支払い後の仕分け業務 (payroll Finance)を行い、Finance部門と連携し適切に報告を行う。 3rd Principal Accountability 入社から退職までの従業員のライフサイクルに合わせ、休職管理、個人情報変更、障害、労災、各種保険(団体総合福祉、就労不能保険)の請求など、従業員サービスに必要なサポートを提供する。 4th Principal Accountability P&C Manager(ビジネスパートナー/部門人事)のサポート。P&C Managerが各担当部署に対して適切なトレーニングや対応が実施できるよう、給与福利厚生や人事プロセスなどの専門知識を共有し、トレーニングを行う。 5th Principal Accountability 給与関連の法的要件に精通し、国や地方自治体および健康保険組合などの組織にタイムリーかつ正確に提出するための年次報告書作成作業を実施する。 6th Principal Accountability 労働基準法の改正を把握し、就業規則への影響を事前に予見する。 社会保険労務士、法務部門と協議の上、就業規則が法定要件を満たしていることを確認し、維持する。市場競争力を高めるため、最新の市場慣行を把握・分析し、必要であれば変更を提案・実行する。労基署への届出書類の作成、従業員への周知等、就業規則変更に必要なタスクを実施する。従業員、ラインマネージャー、P&Cマネージャーからの問い合わせに対応し、必要なアドバイスや解決策を提供する。 業務経験 ? C&B分野での経験5年以上 ? 多国籍企業での2年以上の経験 ? 実務における英語の使用 ? 中規模企業(従業員数500名以上)での実務経験 ? ベンダーマネジメント経験 求められるコンピテンシーとスキル ? チームワーク、高度な対人コミュニケーション能力 ? マルチタスク、積極性、仕事量の管理能力 ? お客様志向 ? 柔軟性、敏捷性 ? 曖昧さへの対処 ? Office 365 中級スキル(特にエクセル)