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RRP Laboratory Chemistry Analyst

Are you action oriented, have a strong problem solving skills and high learning agility? We are looking to recruit a person with a degree in Chemical or Biological sciences, who speaks intermediate English and has good interpersonal skills. The main role of the RRP Laboratory Chemistry Analyst is to apply well-defined PM scientific/technical methods and work instructions to analyze quality of tobacco and cast leaf You will execute water content determination in cast leaf and quantitative determination of total alkaloids, reducing sugars, nitrate and ammonia in tobacco by coulometric detection. Main responsibilities: · Carry out the analytical instruments qualification in accordance with area of responsibility for this position; · Perform Analytical Method Transfer for relevant methods; · Define and maintain the calibration and re-qualification plans for laboratory equipment; · Perform maintenance and calibration on instruments to ensure that daily measurements are precise and reliable; · Conduct tests in accordance with the requirements of normative documents and documents of the PMI quality system by ensuring timeliness, accuracy and reliability of test results; · Identify and segregate all the non-conformities identified during testing or storage of samples. Investigate and resolve critical deviations, contribute to define corrective actions; · Adhere to Health, Safety and Environmental Policies, and keep a healthy and safe-conscious working environment, in order to minimize or eliminate risks exposure to personnel, company assets and societal impacts and be in line with or ahead of any applicable Law requirements and Company standards. Requirements: · Higher education degree in Chemical or Biological sciences; · Pre - Intermediate English (both spoken and written) including subject proficiency; · 1-3 years of professional experience in quality assurance in tobacco, food or pharmaceutical industry in the position of inspector/specialist/analyst; · Advanced knowledge on main analytical methods/equipment (SKALAR, Karl Fisher, Gas Chromatography (GC-FID) ; · Knowledge of relevant standards ISO, GxP; · Knowledge of Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS), MS Office; · Knowledge of respective quality assurance documents; · High learning agility and collaboration, good process management and problem solving skills; · Russian – fluent. EVALUATED POSITION GRADE: 5-6 Reports to: Supervisor RRP Laboratory
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