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【Purpose of the job】 As an operation executive in Caller Center Operations, you will be the one to oversee PMJ Call Centers to ensure positive trend and effective daily operations. This position requires the ability to lead the vendor in achieving the target. Also, you will provide proactive approach and method to our vendors in a fast-pased environment. The position includes engagement in performance enhancement like AHT, process adherence through grid monitoring and collaboration tasks with global teams such as SOP, improvement project, etc. 【Principal Accountabilities】 Management of Efficiency Metrics : Manage and improve center performance through performance monitoring and problem resolution. Especially for efficient metrics like AHT, identify performance trends in Call Centers operations over the short to long term and work with Vendors to develop initiatives for improvement. Implimentation of new work processes : This role requires to closely work with PMJ/PMI teams and to implement a new work processes and guidelines based on deep understanding of exsisting work processes in detail at centers. Comply with work processes : Through Grid monitoring and other activities, manage Call Centers operations to follow the process and procedure defined by PMI/PMJ. Maintain high performance on process adherence by facilitating workshops and active participation in team projects. In addition, intermediate between PMI/PMJ teams and the vendor operation in order to clarify any unclear process. Establish a stable operation environment : In addition to keeping the attrition rate low, you will manage the hiring quality to allocate relevant agents in the vendor operation. Also, for better work environment eNPS in vendor operation is in scope. Collaboration with Call Centers Members : Each KPI managed by members in Call Centers is linked to each other. For example, higher AHT may cause negative impact on CES. Collaboration on all aspects of KPI with internal team members and planning out effective actions are needed. 【Education and Work Experience】 ・College/University ・More than 5 years’ work experience in a call center supervisor role. 【Skills / Function Specifics】 1. Passionate about improving customer care and enhancing consumer experience with consumer focus. 2. Must be a self-performer/started and work with minimum guidance. 3. Strong problem-solving skills. 4. Experience in fast paced environment. 5. Able to work as a part of a dynamic team. 6. English communication skill - Conversation level