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Process Control Engineer RRP

PURPOSE OF THE JOB: Control all activities related to electric, electronics, equipment process control and communication in order to ensure that maintenance, modifications and improvements of the installations are implemented at best cost and specified quality, through the data analysis and tool maintenance, thus ensuring the compliance of the Service Level agreements and managing the overall performance towards customer satisfaction. RESPONSIBILITIES: Process Control: • Ensure continuous, trouble free operation of automated equipment, including all support systems in compliance with applicable standards and procedures. • Keep updated and integrate the new PMI requirements related to process control, recommend corrective actions and projects to increase productivity, efficiency of materials usage, quality and safety standards. • Develop new reports in order to optimize the process control. Equipment : • Optimize the process control by ensuring proper procedures for adjustments and calibration. • Identify compatible devices (by replacing the obsolete ones) with proper characteristics in order to match the process control requirements. • Consult the suppliers in order to clarify particular technical points concerning installations and devices control. • Analyze the most frequent causes of breakdowns, wastes, out of specs products and recommend corrective actions/solutions in order to contribute to overall productivity and quality improvement. Installation and Commissioning: • Coordinate activities related to electric, electronics, equipment process control installation and modification of production equipment. • Update the technical documentation with latest modification or improvements. • Support qualification-validation verification testing following changes or upgrades. • Support adherence to all relevant Computerized Systems validation procedures and rules. Staff Support: • Train and assist users for supervision/operating systems. • Ensure continuous technical support to production personnel to provide optimum operating conditions of process control & supervision system related to production equipment. • Provide coaching for electronics technicians. Continuous Improvement: • Initiate technical development and / or lead / participate in projects in order to improve safety conditions, quality and more effective use of equipment, spare parts and materials. • Find technical solution, implement and monitor proposed improvements related to equipment. • Actively participate in continuous improvements decision process. Communication: • Maintain communication within and with relevant departments in order to find the most timely and cost effective solutions. • Coordinate sharing of information about process control, improvement activities, the trainings of new methods and PM affiliates’ best practices. REQUIREMENTS: • Higher technical education; • + 3 years relevant operations experience; • Fluent English (both oral and written) + Fluent Russian; • Experience in deployment of Integrated Working System (IWS, TPM, WCM), deployment of PM (Progressive Maintenance) pillar will be an advantage; • Knows Computer technologies, Database, system & structure, distributed systems, Cyber-physical systems, Operating systems, basic computer programming languages; • Knows technologies for the production of tobacco related products, analyze key performance indicators and propose and implements actions in order to reach the objectives; • Follows-up electronic technicians and maintenance specialists’ results. • Problem Solving • Comfort Around Higher Management • Dealing With Ambiguity • Drive For Results • Intellectual Horsepower • Learning On The Fly • Motivating Others • Perspective • Presentation Skills • Priority Setting • Standing Alone • Action Oriented
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