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The Lead Risk & Controls is responsible for: 1. Implementing the market strategy and ongoing enterprise risk management and internal controls i.e., risk assessment, advisory and review activities) to support the R&C central & regional function, and enable the market management with risk-based decision-making; and 2. Supporting and implementing the transformational activities led by the global Risk & Controls function to establish mature and industry-leading risk management and internal controls practice. underpinned by efficient risk management processes. 2. Principal Accountabilities Accountability 1: Drive ongoing Integrated Risk Assessment (IRA) exercise, including annual risk assessment, for the market. Ensure a process is in place to identify, assess, monitor, and recommend mitigating responses to key risks in the market. Ensure a risk-based approach is applied when defining risk responses and assigning resources, with the main focus on global risks/projects. Contribute to continuous risk assessment by sharing obtained information and insights. Accountability 2: Ensure the IRA plan is timely executed in the market and adequate support is provided to the global projects. All changes to the risk landscape and IRA plan should be aligned with the R&C Manager & communicated to the Market Management Team. Perform quality checks over the reports/deliverables. Accountability 3: Support Manager R&C / Head R&C / Area Head R&C in preparing the regional update for the pre-close meeting. Provide changes in the risk landscape including new/emerging risks, key R&C activities during the quarter, update on issues and frauds. Accountability 4: Promote risk culture in the organization by regularly engaging with the stakeholders and communicating updates/changes in the risk landscape and related responses. Ensure full and factual information is provided to avoid confusion & conflict. Accountability 5: Conduct quarterly meetings with the market management team (MRGC meeting) to provide them updated on emerging risks, issues, and activities of the R&C. Prepare and communicate easy-to-understand yet impactful risk management and internal controls related insights for the markets. Accountability 6: Responsible for the design of financial reporting controls during the advisory engagements and communicating to the IBS team. Perform testing over SOX controls under the responsibility of market R&C, report issues identified during the process, including review of the action plan, issue evaluation, etc. in line with PMI best practices and ICFR methodology. Accountability 7: Provide support to the R&C Central Team in the global projects/activities. Accountability 8: Actively manage and contribute to employees’ engagement and wellbeing. Conduct / provide regular performance and capability assessment of the direct/indirect team members (MAP, talent reviews, etc.). For the direct reports, provide regular and transparent feedback and ensure a development plan is in place. The Lead Risk & Controls collaborates with the regional R&C team members, other regional teams, central R&C team members including IBS, Market Teams, other assurance functions (InfoSec, Data Privacy, Ethics & Compliance, and CAD). 3. Skills and Competencies Competencies 1) Relationship Building & Positive Friction: Build an enduring relationship with all stakeholders. Use a data-driven approach to challenge constructively, assimilate different points of view and share your own opinion confidently. 2) Change Architect: Take action and guide the team in times of ambiguity and effectively work with internal stakeholders. 3) Business Acumen: Deep understanding of the business operation, commercial landscape, regulatory environment, and market specifics. 4) Bring Real Insights: Leverage data to bring insights and identify areas of elevated/emerging risks, and articulate them clearly. 5) Digital & Technology: Understand all technology-related risks, including data protection, privacy, and impact of using technology. 6) Project Management: Drive, structure, oversee or support key projects and embed new ways of working. 7) Risk Assurance & Process Excellence: a. Constantly look for opportunities to increase knowledge of Risk and Controls. b. Knowledge & experience of the SOX program c. Ensure teams are providing effective controls and process guidance with high-quality deliverables. d. Share / learn from other markets/regions. Leadership Dimensions 1) Consumer First: Put consumers/customers first to work as one PMI team. Willingness to work with other markets/regions/ central team, breaking down barriers, and working as One R&C team to help achieve our goals. Champion our new ways of working to quickly adapt and meet our consumer/customer needs. 2) Forward Looking: Ask the right questions and then work with others to arrive at the right answers. Seek different perspectives and ideas from multiple sources. Take decisions on time to achieve timely goals/objectives. 3) Empowering People: - Give clear direction, measurable objectives & guidance to the direct / indirect team. Proactively seek and provide feedback, and act upon it to help strengthen the organization and develop people. Motivate team members by engaging and empowering them, and ensure people know precisely what is expected of them and what success looks like. - Foster an inclusive environment enabling us to attract and retain a diverse workforce who can help deliver PMI’s vision of a smoke-free future. Create a work environment where personal situations are understood, differences are valued, and everyone is treated with fairness and respect. Everyone should feel supported, respected, and have the opportunity to achieve their full potential, regardless of their gender, age, race, nationality, gender identity, ethnicity, sexual orientation, religion, disability, or any other diverse characteristic that makes them themselves, visible or invisible. Other Skills 1) Fluent written and verbal English language skills 2) Effective communication and presentation skills. 3) Curious mindset and positive attitude. Self-starter. Education ? University degree (MSc) level education (e.g. Economics, Mathematics, Finance, Informatics, etc.) ? Post University Professional Certification/Education – examples: Certified Public Accountant (CPA), Executive Master Internal/Operational Auditor (EMIA), Certified Information Systems Auditor (CISA), Certified Internal Auditor (CIA), Governance Risk Compliance Professional (GRCP) Certification, etc. Work Experience ? 5 years of experience in (Enterprise) Risk Management, Internal Controls, GRC, Audit, Accounting, Finance, or a combination of the six. ? Relevant experience in: o ‘Big Four’ and/or other public accounting/audit/ consulting o Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMGC) and Business-to-Consumer (B2C) o Digitization and transformation projects o Multi-year international / global assignment