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Position Title: Compliance Officer Philippines, South Asia & Indochina Company: PMFTC Inc. Location: Taguig, Manila, Philippines Reports to: Director, Regional Compliance Officer, South and Southeast Asia, Commonwealth of Independent States, Middle East & Africa Team: Legal & Compliance Role Summary Develop, lead and oversee the compliance program in the Philippines, India, Thailand, Vietnam and the Future Growth Markets (Bangladesh, Bhutan, Cambodia, Laos, Maldives, Myanmar, Nepal and Sri Lanka). Drive the mission of Global PMI Compliance to • Empower and enable management, employees and close third parties to meet applicable external (legal, regulatory, industry) and internal (policy) requirements by providing them with the tools, knowledge and advice to do their jobs in an ethical and compliant way • Assess risk, monitor ongoing compliance, test compliance controls, and investigate allegations of potential non-compliance • Drive a culture of compliance that encourages raising concerns about potential or actual compliance violations and pro-active addressing of issues Key Responsibilities Drive and deliver compliance initiatives in all five pillars of the PMI Global Compliance Program, with a focus on Code of Conduct, Conflicts of Interests, Whistleblowing and Investigations, as well as legal compliance topics such as Anti-Bribery, Competition law, etc. 1. Governance Oversee and manage a team of compliance analysts Identify, assess, and manage compliance risks Stay current with ethics and compliance developments, best practices and benchmarks 2. Policy & Processes Develop and implement compliance policies and processes Oversee and execute compliance processes 3. Training & Communications Raise and maintain awareness about compliance Provide face-to-face training to different types and of audiences Oversee and support e-learning 4. Monitoring & Investigations Oversee or conduct internal investigations Enhance and maintain culture of speaking up Monitor the effectiveness of compliance program 5. Advisory Support employees seeking compliance advice in the market Serve on the local management team Provide compliance input and advice on strategic business matters Identify and analyze compliance issues and present recommendations Profile At least 5 years of experience as a compliance officer or in-house counsel University Degree in Law, Business or other relevant field Fluent in written and spoken English, as well as Filipino. Language of the other covered markets a plus, but not required In-depth knowledge and applied understanding of compliance programs and subject matters Experience working in a heavily regulated industry with many touchpoints with government authorities, such as pharma, medtech, extractive industries, defense industry, etc. Experience handling and solving complex issues and problems Experience managing and influencing change and overcoming adversity Skills 1. Integrity 2. Leadership 3. Level-headed 4. Issue spotting and critical thinking 5. Ability to maintain oversight and insight in a large complex business 6. Written and verbal communications skills