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At PMI, we’ve chosen to do something incredible. We’re totally redefining our business and building our future on smoke-free products with the power to deliver a smoke-free future. With huge change, comes huge opportunity. So, wherever you join us, you’ll enjoy the freedom to dream up and deliver better, brighter solutions and you will have the space to move your career forward in many different areas/directions. IT at PMI PMI’s journey to a smoke-free future implies a shift from a tobacco manufacturer to a science and technology-based consumer facing organisation. Such a shift creates an abundance of unique and progressive IT projects to match all levels of skills and ambitions. You’ll feel like you’re working in a start-up – with the freedom to shape and define the future of digital, but with the support and scope of a vast global business. You’ll get a chance to work with innovative technologies (e.g., Cloud, APIs, AI) as well as management practices (e.g., Agile, Design Thinking, Product Management). Our environment is fast-paced and highly collaborative. If you want the freedom to find new ways to connect with consumers, there’s no better place to progress your career. Digital at PMI is dynamic, diverse, and exciting. Join us and become a part of a top talent team where you can bring new ideas to life in a global function that is a key driver of the success of our business! We are seeking a skilled and experienced Data Architect with a solid focus on graph databases and semantics. In this role, you will be responsible for designing and implementing data architecture solutions that leverage graph databases and adhere to W3C standards. Your expertise in data modeling, graph theory, and semantic technologies will be the key element in shaping our infrastructure to support advanced data analytics, knowledge representation, and data interoperability. Key Responsibilities: • Develop and maintain comprehensive data models, including graph data models, that accurately represent the structure and relationships within our data assets. • Design, document and manage architectures around graph database systems to store, retrieve, and query data efficiently, with a focus on graph traversal algorithms and optimizations. • Stay updated on W3C standards and best practices related to the semantic web, including RDF, OWL, SPARQL, and Linked Data principles, and apply them in data architecture design. • Work on integrating and redefining data from diverse sources into a semantic graph format, ensuring data quality and consistency. • Promote the use of semantic technologies to enhance data interoperability, enabling seamless integration and exchange of data with external partners or systems. • Work with ontologists to deploy effective interconnected representations of organization knowledge. • Work with data scientists, developers, and business partners to understand data requirements and provide architectural solutions. • Ensure that data architecture aligns with relevant data security and privacy regulations, and company policies. • Stay abreast of emerging technologies and trends in graph databases and semantics to propose innovative solutions that drive data-centric business initiatives. Requirements: • Bachelor degree or equivalent experience or higher in STEM. • Demonstrable experience in data architecture, with a focus on graph databases and semantics. • Proficiency in RDF graph database systems - knowledge of AnzoGraph and Neptune is a plus. • Familiarity to LPG graph databases is desirable. • Experience with ontology management tools (e.g. PoolParty, Graphologi, Protégé) • Comprehensive knowledge of semantic web technologies (e.g. RDF, OWL, SPARQL, SHACL). • Strong knowledge of W3C standards, FAIR and Linked Data principles. • Expertise in data modeling, ETL processes, and data transformation. • Exposure to Large Language Model and Retrieval Augmented Generation pattern is a plus. • Familiarity with programming languages like Python, Java, or others. • Strong problem-solving and analytical abilities. • Experience with data governance and compliance is a plus. If you are a data architect with a passion for graph databases and semantic technologies, and you're eager to drive innovation in data architecture, we encourage you to apply for this exciting opportunity! What’s in it for you? There are many IT Organizations out there, so why should you join ours? We believe PMI IT’s true strength is fuelled by our people, and that our success depends on them coming to work every single day with a sense of purpose and an appetite for progress. We are a people first organisation committed to providing you with first-class employee journey. Here’s a glimpse of what’s in it for you upon joining us: • Work-life balance: Wellbeing comes first. We offer a fantastic office environment and hybrid working options to ensure you have the best work-life balance possible • Learning & Development: Your growth is a priority. Our robust and varied learning & development ecosystem will help you strengthen your technical skills and enhance your soft skills and eye for business. The capabilities you will acquire with us will support your life-time employability within IT, PMI, and beyond • Inclusion & Diversity: Our differences - much more than our similarities - generate the innovation we are looking for. We aspire to build a diverse and inclusive organization to access the breadth and depth of thinking and sensitivity vital to thrive Every single IT colleague is part of our Transformation journey. Join us and pursue your ambitions – our staggering size and scale provides endless opportunities to progress. If this offer resonates with you, we look forward to receiving your application and getting to know you. Together, let’s deliver a smoke free future. #LI-Hybrid