Finding a work culture that challenges you, that develops you as a professional, but also offers valuable life skills is a priority for many job-seekers today. Discovering a company whose vision and ambitions for the future match your own is equally as important.

While changing the world might feel like a big ask when starting a new job, this is the challenge awaiting new employees. Read how our people are meeting this challenge and making a personal impact on our vision for a smoke-free future.



Marketing Assistant
PMI Poland


Elzbieta is an active adventurer with a passion for snowboarding and photography. When she’s not busy doing this, she’s shaping the future through marketing at PMI. In the office, she values the atmosphere and friendly people around her the most.
Elzbieta's message - transcript
I envision PMI as an industry leader that is making a change in people's mindset and a leader in the transformation of a company culture.

I imagine our company as a benchmark for others on how to change, adapt, and at the same time be a leader that motivates and inspires.

I see PMI as a secure place of work, where people respect their job and each other, where everyone's opinion counts and is appreciated.


Head of External Affairs
PMI Austria


“Do not take everything personally - it is just business.” Florian lives by his own mantra in the workplace and enjoys working with a team that feels like family. As a father himself, this dynamic is important, and empowers him to give everything at work, and in all areas of his life.



Florian's message - transcript
For me the job is part of my life – and I enjoy working in such an inspirational environment. As a PMI employee you are always kind of an ambassador for the company and it is great to spread such a vision.


Manager Development 
PMI Austria


Viviane is a sports enthusiast, endless optimist and self-confessed health addict. She believes that making an impact on other people's lives whether that's colleagues or consumers is the most rewarding thing in the world.
Viviane's message - transcript
I see PMI continuously challenging itself, and supporting its employees to go through and proactively drive this amazing change.

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