PMI launches the diversity and inclusion initiative “Inclusive Future” to measure inclusion in 2021 and further the company’s commitment to equality

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The year-long research campaign will help PMI devise more effective ways to promote the inclusive cultures central to our smoke-free aspirations.
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PMI has launched a one-year inclusion initiative to strengthen our commitment to equality.

“Inclusive Future” explores best practices and established thought leadership to advance the discourse surrounding inclusivity in business and civil society.

These insights will enable us to devise effective and timely ways to promote inclusive cultures.

Our new initiative follows a year in which inclusion and diversity efforts moved center stage amid the COVID-19 pandemic, and the absence of a single authoritative approach to effectively measure inclusion in business has become even more apparent.

PMI recognizes that fostering a diverse and inclusive workplace is an essential driver of the creativity and innovation needed to achieve our vision of a smoke-free future and contribute to a fairer, more equitable world.

Research partnership to explore the state of inclusion in 2021

Over the course of 12 months, the research and convening work of the initiative will include a quantitative and qualitative exploration of the state of inclusion today. 

This part of the study will include a year-long research partnership with the International Institute for Management Development (IMD) in Lausanne, Switzerland, to study how inclusion is currently measured and how this should evolve to drive impact.

The findings will culminate in the publication of an “Inclusive Future” report in March 2022. 

Josefine van Zanten, Chief Equity, Inclusion & Diversity Officer at IMD, said: “Our key objective is to reshape the conversation of inclusion.

“Is today’s measure of inclusion still appropriate in light of the profound socioeconomic evolution of the past year? And how will this evolution impact inclusive leadership and the meaning of inclusion going forward?

“We are looking to tackle this important and yet complicated part of the equity, inclusion, and diversity equation.” 

Trailblazers putting inclusivity in the spotlight

Beyond the academic research, PMI’s project will include a range of engagement activities, exploring and advancing the latest content and thinking on inclusion. 

These activities will range from hosting digital panels, roundtables, and interviews to celebrating those who are progressing the work today.