October 18, 2018

#AyoUKMIndonesia: Sampoerna Promotes SME Empowerment in Indonesia


Jakarta, 18 October 2018 – PT HM Sampoerna Tbk. (Sampoerna) holds great commitment to support the effort of enhancing community economy through the empowerment of Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs) in Indonesia. On Thursday (10/18/2018), Sampoerna organized an interactive discussion involving economists, business figures, and SMEs businessmen and community in Jakarta. This discussions aims to talk further about the chance of synergy and potentials of SMEs empowerment so as to make them competition-worthy, autonomous with high quality and ability to boost both national and regional economy.   

As Elvira Lianita, Director of External and Fiscal Affairs of PT HM Sampoerna Tbk., explained, this support is given through sustainable empowerment. “We hope that this attempt will be able to enhance the number of SMEs businessmen with high competitiveness and help drive the economy in their respective region,” Elvira said.  

Data from Indonesian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (KADIN) in 2016 shows that in the past five years, SMEs sector’s contribution to gross domestic product (GDP) rose from 57.84% to 60.34%, while employment from that sector also grew from 96.99% to 97.22%. It implies that the role of SMEs is becoming more strategic in promoting Indonesian economy. 

Yuswohady, a marketing expert, asserted that this time is a highly appropriate momentum to strengthen synergy between the government and business in developing SMEs in Indonesia since this sector still holds outstanding potentials to grow.

“Sustainable empowerment in the form of capability development can be executed through sustainable mentoring and access granting to productive resources. That way, they can make use of the open opportunity and available potentials,” said Yuswohady.

Danang Girindrawardana as Executive Director of The Employers' Association of Indonesia (APINDO) is on board as he believes that synergy and collaboration is essential.

“The business realm has the ability and network to help develop SMEs sector become more competitive. To make it happen, mentoring and long-term capability development is the key. It will not only be in the form of training from upstream to downstream, but also a follow-up by opening the market for them,” said Danang.   

For Sampoerna, support for SMEs is a long-term commitment and investment. As a solid proof, Sampoerna through Sampoerna Retail Community (SRC) has developed 57 retailers in 2008 to become more than 60,000 retailers in 2018, spread across 408 districts/cities in 34 provinces in Indonesia. 


Henny Susanto as Head of Commercial Business Development Sampoerna explained that SRC is Sampoerna’s mentoring program for traditional retailers through store arrangement education, marketing strategy, and financial management. 

“Other than best practice from the company’s internal, there are also a number of applications of marketing insights shared to the SRC member partners, including sharing session with notable experts in marketing. The support from us can build awareness and courage in the traditional retailers to keep developing their business,” he said.    

Ketut Suarjana, one of SRC partners from Bali also shared his experience during his participation in SRC. “SRC allows me to develop my business and make it autonomous. Now I can motivate nearby communities to advance their business and get ahead together. I hope this collaboration is well maintained and more chances will be able to take with SRC in the future.”

Additionally, since 2007 Sampoerna has also provided entrepreneurship trainings to around 40,000 people through Entrepreneurship Training Center Sampoerna (PKK Sampoerna) program. Currently, PKK Sampoerna, which can be found in Pasuruan, East Java, has reached 79 cities/districts in Indonesia and applied 90 proven applicable studies in the field of integrated agriculture. 

Ibu Karyani, a foster entrepreneur of PKK Sampoerna who initiated herbal drink business called Kesiman Jaya, said that she received benefit of not only developing her small business, but also allowing more chances.

“I started my business 18 years ago with only IDR50,000 and strong will to process various useful crops. This business developed more when I became partners with PKK Sampoerna. I got comprehensive training to understand more about the market, the importance of product packaging, and the use of tools for more efficient production process,” she told.    

There is no doubt that SRC and PKK Sampoerna grow to be SMEs ecosystem that is actually capable of strengthening community economy in Indonesia. Both are able to propel the local economic wheel while empowering nearby community.

“Further, Sampoerna intends to reach more stakeholders so as to make the benefit scope of the empowerment program we made more equally distributed,” Elvira concluded.

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An Overview of Sampoerna for Indonesia

Sampoerna for Indonesia is a series of activities and program held by PT HM Sampoerna Tbk. as the Company’s contribution and participation in developing the Nation and people of Indonesia, as well as to inspire and motivate the community to do give the best for themselves and Indonesia. The “Sampoerna for Indonesia” activity and program cover various fields, such as education, woman empowerment, community economy development, and disaster emergency response.


About PT HM Sampoerna Tbk. (Sampoerna)

Established in 1913, Sampoerna – an affiliation of PT Philip Morris Indonesia and part of Philip Morris International Inc. – is one of the leading tobacco companies in Indonesia, which focuses on production and sales of kretek cigarette. The Company produces several well-known kretek cigarettes such as Sampoerna A, legendary King of Kretek Dji Sam Soe, Sampoerna U, and Sampoerna Kretek. The Company also distributes Marlboro cigarette across Indonesia through a long-term distribution agreement with PT Philip Morris Indonesia. Sampoerna is operating seven factories in Java island and cooperating with 38 Cigarette Production Partners, with a total manpower of 67,400 employees, both direct and indirect, most of which work in Hand-Rolled Cigarette production line. Sampoerna distributes its products through 106 regional sales and distribution offices across Indonesia.    


Sampoerna is the issuer with the largest market capitalization in Indonesia Stock Exchange. Sampoerna’s shares are traded under the “HMSP” stock code.


For further information, please visit:  www.sampoerna.com

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