August 25, 2019

Supporting Innovation of Creative Industry 4.0, Sampoerna Encourages Independence and Competitiveness of the Nation Through Science and Technology Development


Denpasar, 26 August 2019 – PT HM Sampoerna Tbk. (Sampoerna), a renowned tobacco company in Indonesia, supports the vision of the government in encouraging innovation  4.0 creative industry to improve the self-support and competitiveness of the nation through the development of human resources, science, and technology. This is reiterated by Sampoerna on the 24th Commemoration of National Technology Awakening Day to keep developing businesses based on science and innovation. 

Manager of Regulatory Affairs Reduced Risk Products at Sampoerna, Tias Gatra Annisaa, said that in its 106th year in Indonesia, Sampoerna has always taken an active role in encouraging the independence and the competitiveness of the nation through development of programs based on innovation and technology. For more than 10 years, the company has run the Sampoerna Entrepreneurship Training Center (SETC) and Sampoerna Retail Community (SRC) programs to improve the capacity and the skills of the Small and Medium Enterprises (SME) owners.  

“This Hakteknas commemoration hopefully can improve the synergy from many parties including from the industry, to create a tangible role in implementing technology and innovation. This will definitely gives positive economic impact for the people’s welfare,” said Tias in her official statement, Tuesday (26/8).

Tias explained that, since 2007, the SETC program has received approximately 96,000 customers, trained around 46,000 businessperson in 79 cities/regencies throughout Indonesia, and helped 3,000 SMEs. Sampoerna has also implemented 90 tested applied research projects in the field of integrated farming.

Whereas for SRC program, Sampoerna has developed the self-sustainability and competitiveness for more than 110,000 affiliated traditional merchants throughout Indonesia. The company has kept developing the quality of the programs to face the challenge of 4.0 Industry.  One of them is by launching a mobile application named “Ayo SRC” as an innovative breakthrough in strengthening the company’s commercial ecosystem and integrating the members of the SRC using digital technology. This application is connecting all SRC members with the distributor partners, such as wholesale merchants and consumers.

“We also keep pushing ourselves in not only developing people’s economy, but also by giving inspiration, motivation, and also act as means for the people to achieve independence. With that, Sampoerna has made use of its business knowledge in empowering the SMEs owners in Indonesia,” said Tias.

Aside from developing human resources, Sampoerna also encourages developing product innovation. According to Tias, the tobacco industry has shifted globally, either in the product aspect or in the consumer’s tastes. In connection to that, Philip Morris International, affiliate of Sampoerna, has made transformation to the tobacco industry through innovation of smoke-free products such as heated tobacco products.

“With the challenge in the industry 4.0 era, Sampoerna believes that the improvement of SMEs through the contribution of technology is crucial. Therefore, we hope that there will be synergy between Sampoerna and the stakeholders, especially in Bali, in creating an ecosystem that provides access for the people to the innovation of smoke-free products, such as this heated tobacco product,” she said.  

Today, Sampoerna owns Scientific Technical Services (STS) Laboratory located in Pasuruan, East Java. This laboratory is one of four super laboratories PMI owns worldwide. There, STS conducts research and tests on conventional tobacco products and smoke-free products. STS has 65 scientists, engineer, and local technician from various scientific fields, including chemistry, chemistry engineering, biochemistry, and electrical engineering.

“We actively push the researches and improve the technological innovation which will make tobacco industry grow, especially for the development of alternative tobacco products, such as smoke-free products, in Indonesia. The steps Sampoerna take is also in line with the vision of the Ministry of Research, Technology, and High Education which want the participation from the private sectors in the development of research and technological innovation in Indonesia,” she said.

With all programs and business development based on science and technology running until today, Tias is optimistic that Sampoerna can participate in realizing the government’s vision. 

“We are ready to walk hand-in-hand with the government, especially the Ministry of Research, Technology, and High Education as mentioned in the memorandum of understanding signed last May and the Bali Provincial Government which is open with the availability of innovative products. This is for the sake of encouraging the economy of Indonesia that can compete and supported by the quality of the human resources, high innovation and technology, especially in the SMEs,” she said.   



An Overview of PT HM Sampoerna Tbk. (Sampoerna)


Incorporated in 1913, Sampoerna – a subsidiary of PT Philip Morris Indonesia and affiliated with Philip Morris International Inc. – is a renowned tobacco company in Indonesia, with its main business focused on production and sales of kretek cigarettes. Sampoerna produce a number of acclaimed kretek cigarettes such as Sampoerna A, the Legendary King of Kretek Dji Sam Soe, Sampoerna U, and Sampoerna Kretek. Sampoerna is also distributing the Marlboro brand throughout Indonesia by a distribution agreement with PT Philip Morris Indonesia. Sampoerna operates seven factories in Java and cooperates with Cigarette Production Partners with total workforce – directly or indirectly – of approximately 65.000 employees, whom mostly work in the production line of Hand-rolled Kretek Cigarettes. Sampoerna distributes its products through 114 sales and distribution area offices throughout Indonesia.

Sampoerna is one of the biggest capitalization issuers in Indonesia Stock Exchange. Sampoerna’s shares are in trade with code “HMSP.”


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