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Davos 2019 Learnings for the tobacco debate

Marian Salzman draws comparisons from Sir David Attenborough’s climate call at Davos 2019 to the debate around smoking as a public health issue.

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Davos 2019 Rethinking solutions for public health

Harder than rocket science: PMI's White Paper calls for the need to rethink how to tackle major chronic health issues.

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Davos 2019 Tough conversations improve life

While PMI is not part of the WEF annual meeting, Davos paves the way for incredibly valuable conversations, explains Marian Salzman.

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Davos 2019 Solving air pollution together

It’s important for consumers that governments dedicate time and resources to tackle air pollution, but companies need to step up, argues Marian Salzman.

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Davos 2019 Real world solutions for real world problems

At PMI, we are trying to change the world by changing ourselves first, explains Marian Salzman. Read more.

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Davos 2019 Looking back on Davos

Senior executives from PMI went to Davos 2019 to kick-start a discussion about a smoke-free future, and to have conversations with civil society.

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