By 2025, we aim to be a majority smoke-free business. Securing this better future will require the efforts of not only PMI, but also of governments, NGOs, and other stakeholders. Together, we can achieve the common goal of harm reduction. Together, we will unsmoke the world.

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Progress toward a smoke-free future

Targeting mass switching to better alternatives

Becoming a majority smoke-free company

Building our non-nicotine business

Focusing R&D on smoke-free products

Going carbon-neutral

Answering global challenges demands ambitious collective action

PMI’s new CEO Jacek Olczak says all companies have a responsibility to do better for society in the aftermath of COVID-19. For us, that means raising our ambitions on replacing cigarettes with better alternatives as soon as possible. Indeed, we aim to be a majority smoke-free company by 2025.

Science and facts are the roadmap to a better future


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Our vision is a smoke-free future. My job is to get us there faster.

Our actions as a company will be grounded in our commitment to deliver the greatest positive impact as fast as possible. We will do this by replacing cigarettes with better alternatives for those men and women who would otherwise continue to smoke.

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Thank you, André.

You envisioned a world without cigarettes and transformed our business model and purpose to start our journey there.

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