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Underage tobacco and nicotine use

Children shouldn’t smoke or use products containing nicotine

Experts point to a variety of factors as contributing to underage tobacco use, and recommend a comprehensive response. We’re committed to doing our part to help prevent children from smoking or using nicotine products. Here is what we do at PMI:

  • Our marketing complies with all applicable laws and regulations, and we have robust internal policies and procedures in place so that all our marketing and advertising activities are directed only toward adult smokers.
  • We support regulation to ensure that only adults can buy tobacco and other nicotine products and support strict enforcement of minimum-age laws and penalties for adults who buy or provide cigarettes to minors.
  • We provide guidance to retailers to ensure they are aware of underage regulations and that they understand their role, even in the absence of regulations, in preventing sales of tobacco and other nicotine-containing products to minors.


We welcome opportunities to discuss and improve our approach as part of our mission to market responsibly.

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