2022 offers an opportunity to revamp our fight against illicit trade—let’s take it

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Gang members who sold illegal cigarettes on social media jailed for a total of 18 years

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Illicit Tobacco Costs Latin America and Canada $4.6 Billion Every Year

According to KPMG’s Project EOS report, the illicit trade of tobacco products is having an increasingly significant impact on the region.

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In Focus - The battle against organized crime, illicit profits and illicit tobacco trade

Cathy Haenlein, Senior Research Fellow at RUSI: “The private sector has an important role to play in the prevention and disruption of illicit trade.”

ALIBABA in focus: Effective collaboration is the best weapon against illicit trade

Stopillegal spoke to Alibaba’s Michael Yao to find out what they are doing to beat illicit trade.

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Combatting global criminal enterprises in Free Trade Zones

Free Trade Zones facilitate economic growth and are fundamental to an integrated global economy. Many are highly vulnerable to illicit trade and money laundering.

Martin Molloy on combatting sophisticated crime gangs in the UK

“As former Deputy Director of the UK’s National Crime Agency, I have seen a number of key threats and trends in illicit trade develop over my career.”