What We Look for in a Candidate

Working for a global leader in a highly competitive and challenging market takes a special person. What does it take to join our team?


We are always looking for those rare leaders who possess the self-assurance to stand up for their ideas. True leadership sometimes means being a lone voice, but it always means having the courage of your convictions.

Clear and constructive communication

Clear communication between team members is vital to avoid potential misunderstandings.  A candid, honest exchange of ideas creates an environment of trust and inspiration. That means not only giving constructive feedback, but also being a good listener.

Entrepreneurial spirit

Our people have a boundless curiosity, and are always looking for possibilities where others might not see them. They possess unique insight, and they are not scared of tackling complex problems.


Our employees strive for excellence through efficient work habits and skillful performance. With a combination of well-planned processes, smart priorities, and agile problem solving, our people enjoy doing the job, and doing it right. The results are often impressive.

Emotional intelligence

Our behavior and moods affect everyone around us. Teamwork means being emotionally perceptive to the feelings of others, and having the sensitivity to influence the moods of our teammates in a positive way.

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