Delivering a smoke-free future

We’re building PMI’s future on smoke-free products that—while not risk-free—are a far better choice than cigarette smoking.
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Integrated Report 2023

PMI is transforming for good
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PMI announces ambition to become a more than two-thirds majority smoke-free company by 2030

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Choice is key to helping every adult smoker quit cigarettes

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IQOS, our heated tobacco product, replaces Marlboro as the leading brand in our portfolio

The flagship smoke-free innovation has surpassed our best-selling cigarette brand to become the premium nicotine brand globally less than a decade since its launch, demonstrating the progress we’re making as we move away from cigarettes.
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Our Science
Cutting-edge research and technology
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The problem with burning

Exploring the science behind combustion.
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Leaders of Change
PMI’s thought leaders share their insights and expertise
Dr Moira Gilchrist, Chief Communication Officer, Philip Morris International

Businesspeople should think more like scientists, where failures present opportunities for solutions

A life in science has taught me that knockbacks are a necessary step on the path to success, writes Dr Moira Gilchrist.
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Our leadership team

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Develop your career at PMI
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Learn about our people and culture

Why Philip Morris International is a great place to work.
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How We #MakeHistory by Creating Better Choices


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Why invest in PMI?

We've built the world’s most successful cigarette company. Now we’re building our future on smoke-free products that are much better choices.


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    Philip Morris International Demonstrates Clear Progress Toward Its Purpose as It Releases 2023 Integrated Report

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    Philip Morris International Names New External Affairs Leader

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    Unleashing the Power: How the “Fifth Estate” Drives Decision-Makers in Business and Politics

  • Press release 13 Mar, 2024

    Philip Morris International Launches New IQOS ILUMA i in Japan to Accelerate the Achievement of a Smoke-Free Future

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Our 2023 Q4 results reveal our continuing progress

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