PMI is Great Place to Work® certified for 2023-2024 in eight affiliates

12 Feb 2024 · 4 min read
Our commitment to creating an outstanding employee experience around the world is recognized by a global authority on workplace culture.
Philip Morris International employees

Eight Philip Morris International (PMI) affiliates have been awarded Great Place to Work® certifications across Latin America, Asia, and Europe. The certification recognizes our ongoing commitment to providing an outstanding employee experience around the world. So, congratulations to all employees in Costa Rica, the Dominican Republic, Guatemala, Colombia, Mexico, Japan, India, and Cyprus.

Employee trust sets the global standard

The certification process combines employee feedback with an independent analysis to evaluate culture in regards to credibility, respect, pride, fairness, and camaraderie.

The joy of belonging

At PMI, our vision is for all employees to feel the joy of belonging. We strive to create an employee-centric, inclusive workplace committed to every employee’s impact, growth, and wellbeing. Our approach harnesses the principles in Great Place to Work’s Trust Model™ and activates them through policy, global programs, and local initiatives.

Our commitment to gender diversity has seen us achieve our aspiration of having 40 percent of managerial positions held by women. We have since set a new aspiration for women to hold at least 35 percent of senior roles.

Taking pride in how we work together, not just what we work on

PMI is committed to being a place that values diverse perspectives, where active listening and psychological safety are a given. We are inspired when there is open and honest dialogue, willingness to explore change, and the courage and faith to make strategic leaps.

At PMI, we put workplace culture as our top priority. And our PMI DNA makes clear how we should engage with each other—it showcases the values that are fundamental to our success and the components of culture that enable our people and business to grow. At PMI, We Care. We are Better Together. We are Game Changers.

Making a difference beyond PMI

Our employees can also make a difference through volunteering, which provides an opportunity to build connections, develop new skills, and gain fresh perspectives. From launching our global principles for volunteering leave to our employee-led charitable movements, such as Projects with a Heart, our people have the means to offer their support.

Ultimately, our priority is to create an environment where employees from across the globe can be their true selves at work, contribute their best, support each other, and drive the innovation and consumer-centricity needed to help us achieve our vision of a smoke-free future.

It takes a huge commitment from everyone across our organization to create a company culture that unlocks the promise and potential of our employees and business. When we are recognized not only by a community of experts but also by our very own employees, it means that we are on the right track to continue delivering our #smokefreefuture in a workplace shaped by togetherness and belonging.
Fred Patitucci, Chief People and Culture Officer, Philip Morris International (PMI)

Thank you to our employees for their contribution toward making each of their affiliates a certified Great Place to Work®.

Apply now to #MakeHistory with us and join our award-winning team, as we head toward a smoke-free future.

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