Contributing to a Better Future for Americans

Philip Morris International and its U.S. affiliates (PMI) are investing in America. In addition to substantial financial contributions, we are devoting the energy, efforts, and enthusiasm of our people to improving lives in the communities in which we operate and across the nation.

As an American company that manufactured and commercialized its products exclusively outside the United States until 2022, we are excited about the prospect of more fully embedding ourselves in communities across the country as an employer, a force for positive change, and, vitally, a good corporate citizen.

Our civil society initiatives are focused on three areas of outreach:

      1. Supporting military veterans
      2. Empowering women
      3. Funding hyperlocal solutions

In this report, we shine a spotlight on these activities, our ambitions, and the impact we’re having in partnership with individuals and groups working to create a better present and future for all. Through these initiatives and partnerships, we are proud to be making a measurable difference.


Companies can no longer be just about commerce and profits. We have a responsibility to help shape a better world. As we work to end cigarette smoking and improve public health, we are also mindful of understanding and responding to community needs. Our civic engagement forges meaningful connections wherever we operate, positioning us not just as a business and employer but as a catalyst of positive, tangible change.”

Marian Salzman, Senior Vice President & Chief Corporate Citizenship Officer

A nationwide initiative to support veterans’ return to civilian life

In 2023, PMI launched a comprehensive program to improve the lives of America’s military veterans. We began with a listening tour across several states to gather insights from veterans and experts. Our approach will include advocating for veterans on critical issues, prioritizing veterans and their spouses in our hiring, supporting national and community-based service organizations, sponsoring legal clinics through partnerships with select law schools, and supporting veterans-focused events and initiatives.

By actively engaging with and supporting veterans and organizations dedicated to their welfare, PMI aims to facilitate a smoother transition for veterans back into civilian life, acknowledging and honoring the sacrifices they have made for our nation. 

$5 million investment—Women’s Business Development Council

In March 2024, PMI announced a $5 million, five-year partnership with the Women’s Business Development Council (WBDC) to fund the Women’s Economic Empowerment Initiative. The program will work to remove barriers that prevent too many women from full participation in Connecticut’s entrepreneurial ecosystem.

Since 1997, WBDC has educated and trained more than 18,900 clients—helping women to launch, sustain, and scale more than 14,170 businesses, create and maintain more than 31,400 jobs, and access more than $57 million in capital. This support from PMI will ensure continuity of the vital services WBDC provides.

Connecticut community outreach

We support local organizations focused on change, inclusion, and building a strong and responsible state. PMI is a member of the following Connecticut-based organizations: AdvanceCT, Connecticut Business and Industry Association (CBIA), Connecticut Energy Marketers Association, Connecticut Retail Network (CRN), Stamford Chamber of Commerce, Stamford Partnership, and Women’s Business Development Council (WBDC).

Accelerating community progress

As we see it, PMI’s role is not to direct but to accelerate and amplify the good works of dedicated organizations already active within communities. One such organization we support is DigDeep, a human rights nonprofit committed to ensuring access to clean running water and sanitation in under-resourced communities. In 2023, PMI’s We Care Fund awarded a $350,000 grant to DigDeep to finance vital projects on the lands of the Navajo Nation, as well as in rural Appalachia and El Paso County, Texas. The Navajo Water Project installed water systems in 173 homes and brought piped, running water to 18 households in Arizona, New Mexico, and Utah.


United to Safeguard America from Illegal Trade is a public education initiative to combat black market trade. Supported by a coalition of national and state brand enforcement experts, law enforcement agencies, and leading business organizations, the campaign provides information and training programs for local officials, law enforcement, and thought leaders. This information brings public awareness of illegal trade and the severe consequences inflicted on states and municipalities by black market profiteers. Learn how we are working with other organizations to combat illegal trade in your state.




Get the latest news on PMI U.S. and our community initiatives.

Philip Morris International Announces August 8 Concert to Benefit Connecticut’s Military Veterans

June 6, 2024

Today, as part of its continued community support, Philip Morris International (PMI) announced a charity concert in Stamford, Conn., to benefit leading workforce development nonprofit Career Resources, Inc (CRI), featuring three-time Grammy Award winner, producer, actor, and philanthropist Wyclef Jean.

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Philip Morris International to Fund Law Clinics in Expansion of the Organization’s U.S. Veterans Program

June 12, 2024

Philip Morris International (PMI) today announced a renewed commitment of over $3 million to support the veterans community nationwide this year. The strategy is informed by the findings of a newly published white paper, “Serving Those Who Served,” which shares first-person insights from veterans across the country.

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Philip Morris International provides new funding for Women’s Business Development Council

March 3, 2024

Senior Vice President and Chief Corporate Citizenship Officer of Philip Morris International (PMI) Marian Salzman declared herself a “superfan” of Stamford at the company’s new offices only a few doors away from the city’s municipal offices. Salzman did so at a March 4 event announcing the launch of the Women’s Economic Empowerment Initiative, which will see PMI provide $1 million each year for five years to help remove barriers to entrepreneurship for Connecticut women. The Women’s Business Development Council will help coordinate the use of the funds.

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