Our commitment to better

At PMI, sustainability is not just about reducing harm and managing risks efficiently. As we deliver on our commitment to improving public heath across the U.S., we view sustainability as a lever for innovation and growth that can create lasting value with a purpose. That is why we are dedicated to integrating sustainability throughout our business, from developing scientifically substantiated products to preventing underage access to reducing the environmental impact of our operations.

Our commitment to science and society


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We have more modified risk tobacco authorizations than any other company in the industry. These are very intensive efforts, and it really differentiates us when it comes to the science behind our smoke-free products.
Tom Hayes, COO, PMI U.S.



Underage access prevention

PMI is 100% committed to preventing access to tobacco and nicotine products for anyone under the age of 21. Our focus is on empowering current adult smokers to make better decisions.

Our message for those who do not smoke is, “Don’t start.” For those who do smoke, the best thing to do is to quit. But for those adults who do not quit, we are producing better, smoke-free options than continued smoking.

The 2023 National Youth Tobacco Survey data revealed a continued overall decline in underage use of tobacco products. While this data reveals we are moving in the right direction, all of us—regulators, policymakers, and manufacturing companies—must maintain our efforts to guard against underage use.

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Responsibility in action

Our marketing and advertising targets only adults (age 21 and over) who are current tobacco and nicotine consumers. Going beyond FDA marketing requirements, we employ robust age verification systems like “DoubleVerify” to help prevent underage access to digital advertising. We do not use social media influencers, and our advertising features only individuals over the age of 35.

We invest in technology like TruAge® to limit access to nicotine products for those under the age of 21. As an Advisory Council member for We Card, we champion responsible retail practices through training and in-store signage and we make monitoring underage use in the National Youth Tobacco Survey a priority.

Supplier Diversity

PMI believes in fostering a diverse, inclusive, and competitive supply chain to drive innovation in our products as well as to reflect and empower the diverse communities in which we operate. For these reasons, PMI will seek out and engage with diverse-owned businesses (including, but not limited to, U.S.-based businesses that are more than 51 percent owned, controlled, and operated by women; black, indigenous, and people of color (BIPOC); LGBTQIA+; veterans; or persons with disabilities). PMI also values diversity within the individuals staffed on external teams working on PMI’s projects and other matters.

If you are a diverse-owned business looking to explore potential supplier opportunities with PMI in the United States, we invite you to join our network.

No preference in vendor selection will be given solely on the basis of membership within any group or classification, including whether a prospective supplier is diverse-owned or otherwise.

Excerpts from PMI’s Statement of Purpose

PMI believes that with the right regulatory encouragement and support from civil society, cigarette sales can end within 10 to 15 years in many countries.The company is actively accelerating the decline of cigarette smoking beyond what traditional tobacco control measures can achieve alone. PMI remains committed to accelerating the end of smoking and laying the foundations of a strong business in areas of wellness and healthcare as we strive to develop commercially successful products that have a net positive impact on society.


Creating a better future, holistically

PMI’s commitment to better goes beyond product substitution; it involves a comprehensive overhaul of the entire value chain and business model.

PMI’s Sustainability Strategy emphasizes the dual impact of its products and business operations on society and the environment. The strategy centers on addressing the social impacts of its products as a core component, aligning with the findings of its sustainability materiality analysis.

To learn more about PMI’s sustainability practice, view the highlights of our
2022 Integrated Report.

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