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Find below a list of frequently asked questions, which have been grouped into categories for quick reference. For further questions, please contact the Investor Relations team.

  1. Company information

    • André Calantzopoulos serves as Non-Executive Chairman of the Board. Jacek Olczak serves as Chief Executive Officer. Emmanuel Babeau serves as Chief Financial Officer. For a listing of the Executive Officers, please visit the Corporate Governance section of this website.
    • PMI’s corporate headquarters is at 677 Washington Blvd., Ste. 1100, Stamford, CT 06901. The Operations Center is in Lausanne, Switzerland. PMI is a U.S.-based entity incorporated in Virginia.
    • A list of companies that PMI considers as its peers can be found in the “Compensation Discussion and Analysis” section of PMI's Proxy Statement, contained in the Investor Kit.
  2. Dividend and tax withholding information

    • Yes. For more information pertaining to our most recent dividend, visit the Dividend Schedule and History page of this site.
    • For PMI's Schedule of Dividend Declaration, Record and Payment Dates, visit the Dividend Schedule and History page.
    • Record date: When a dividend is declared, the Company's Board of Directors sets the “record date” for that dividend. You must be a “shareholder of record (on the company's books) as of the “record date in order to receive the dividend. Ex-dividend date: “Ex-dividend is a financial expression meaning without dividend.
      In order to be a “shareholder of record
       who is entitled to receive the dividend, you must purchase shares before the ex-dividend date. The ex-dividend date is typically one business day prior to the record date. If you purchase stock on the ex-dividend date or after, you will not receive the next dividend payment. If you purchase before the ex-dividend date, you will receive the dividend.
      Payable date: The “payable date is the date the dividend is paid to the Company's “shareholders of record.
    • On June 11, 2021, our Board of Directors authorized a new share repurchase program of up to $7 billion, with target spending of $5 billion to $7 billion over a three-year period. On July 22, 2021, we began repurchasing shares under this new share repurchase program. From July 22, 2021 through March 31, 2022, we repurchased 10.5 million shares of our common stock at a cost of approximately $1.0 billion. During the first three months of 2022, we repurchased 2.0 million shares of our common stock at a cost of $199 million. 

      On May 11, 2022, we announced the suspension of our three-year share repurchase program following the recommended public offer to acquire the outstanding shares of Swedish Match from its shareholders. Prior to the suspension of the program, we made no share repurchases during the second quarter of 2022.
    • PMI offers a Direct Stock Purchase and Dividend Reinvestment Plan administered by its transfer agent, Computershare. You may access the Computershare website, or you may call toll-free +1 877 745 9350 in the United States or Canada. From outside the United States or Canada, shareholders may call +1 781 575 4310 toll-free.
    • Yes. Except in certain instances, dividends paid by a U.S. corporation to a non-U.S. shareholder ordinarily are subject to U.S. withholding tax at a rate of 30%. However, in the case of dividends paid by an 80/20 company to a non-U.S. shareholder, a certain part of the dividend payment is exempt from U.S. withholding tax.
    • An “80/20 company” is a U.S. company 80% of whose gross income for a specified period is generated from active businesses outside the United States. PMI has determined that it qualifies as an “80/20 company” for U.S. tax purposes because more than 80% of its total gross income is from active foreign businesses.
    • PMI has determined that 95% of dividends declared in 2024 will be exempt from U.S. withholding tax for non-U.S. shareholders.
      This means that the remaining 5% of the total gross dividend is subject to U.S. withholding tax at the 30% statutory rate, unless the non-U.S. shareholder provides a Form W-8BEN claiming a reduced rate of withholding under an applicable income tax treaty.
      In the case of a non-U.S. shareholder who is not eligible for a reduced rate of withholding under an applicable income-tax treaty, except in certain limited circumstances, a withholding tax at the 30% statutory rate will be applied to the remaining 5% of the total gross dividend.
    • Not necessarily. Although the company believes that dividends declared in 2024 qualify for the exemption, eligibility for the exemption is determined annually, and no assurance can be given regarding whether dividends declared next year or in any subsequent year will qualify for the partial exemption nor that the percentage of the dividend exempt from withholding tax will not be greater or less than 95% in any subsequent year.
    • For all relevant information on withholding tax on dividends, registered shareholders in the U.S. or Canada can contact Computershare, PMI's transfer agent and shareholder provider, toll-free +1-877-745-9350. Shareholders from outside the United States or Canada may call +1 781-575-4310 toll-free.
      Shareholders who hold shares through a broker, bank, or other nominee should contact their financial institution directly or call D.F. King & Co. at (877)361-7970.
  3. Shareholder information

    • All PMI SEC filings are available on this site and on
    • To request printed copies, you may call our shareholder publications center toll-free at +1 866 713-8075.
    • Computershare is the transfer agent and shareholder provider for PMI. You may access the Computershare website, or you may call toll-free at +1 877 745 9350 in the United States or Canada. From outside the United States and Canada, shareholders may call +1 781 575 4310 toll-free. Shareholders can also provide consent to receive all future shareholder publications online.
  4. Corporate governance

    • We invite you to view a list of current Board members and read their biographies.
    • For our next Annual Meeting of Shareholders, please visit the upcoming events page.
  5. Earnings releases and webcasts

    • For a schedule of upcoming earnings dates, please consult the upcoming events page.
    • Please consult our upcoming events for the most recent information on upcoming webcasts pertaining to earnings announcements, investor presentations and other investor-related events.


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