Delivering a smoke-free future

Our current product portfolio primarily consists of cigarettes and smoke-free products, including heated tobacco, e-vapor, and oral smokeless products.

As of March 31, 2024,  39 percent of our total net revenues came from our smoke-free products.

By 2030, our ambition is to increase that figure to over two-thirds, with the ultimate goal of phasing out cigarettes completely. Leveraging our scientific expertise and technological capabilities, we are also committed to developing new products in the wellness and healthcare space.

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We're evolving our portfolio to include products beyond tobacco and nicotine

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Our smoke-free products

It’s our ambition to replace cigarettes with the smoke-free products we’re developing and selling. These products provide nicotine without burning, making them a much better alternative to cigarettes.
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Multiple studies suggest youth initiation of heated tobacco products is low

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Preventing youth use of our products

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