Explore the groundbreaking science behind our smoke-free journey

When it comes to science and research, we set ourselves the highest standards, and our scientific methods are inspired by the pharmaceutical industry. We share our scientific findings publicly and encourage others to review our work.

Our vision is to offer adult smokers who don’t quit a better choice than continued smoking, and to transform for good. How are we making this vision a reality? By developing and delivering a portfolio of better alternatives to smoking that provide nicotine without burning tobacco, and which adult smokers find satisfying.

Assessing the health impacts of our products

The team led by Philip Morris International’s Chief Medical Officer assesses the harm reduction potential of our better alternatives to smoking in controlled clinical studies and in the real world.

Science-based alternatives can play a vital role in tobacco harm reduction

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Q&A with Dr. Patrick Picavet, PMI’s Chief Medical Officer

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The demand for better alternatives to smoking

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The observed positive short-term effects of switching to our better alternatives to smoking

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Tobacco harm reduction


Learn more about our smoke-free alternatives

Generic heated tobacco product

All about: Heated tobacco products

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Generic vape device

All about: Vapes and vaping

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Can of nicotine pouches

All about: Snus, snuff and nicotine pouches

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What’s the difference?

Explore the significantly lower levels of harmful and potentially harmful chemicals in the aerosol of our heated tobacco product versus the smoke of a cigarette.
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