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We’re proud to be the first tobacco company to commit to a smoke-free future. 

It’s a monumental change—one that touches every team in our company. Join us, and you’ll have the opportunity to achieve great things, shape the future, and share ideas with some of the best minds in the business. 

If your ambition matches ours, and you’re ready to build a smoke-free future with courage and curiosity, the opportunities are endless. You can make an impact that will last for generations. Join us and make history.


Sarah, a PMI employee

Sarah's story

My experience working for PMI

*This video clip lasts 2min 13sec*

*An interview with Sarah de Vega, who is sitting in a bright office in London.

Sarah de Vega starts speaking: “Don't have any fear, just rise to the opportunity [laughs]. So my name is Sarah de Vega and I work in Talent and Acquisitions. Essentially, what we do is work with the TA community all across the world to really help streamline the recruitment process.”

Video Title: SARAH’S STORY

“I was actually working in Lagos for three years. My mum is from England, my dad's from Nigeria. For me, I didn't want to raise my very small son in Nigeria for very long, knowing that my main support network was in London. So for me, it was really important to be able to be up front and honest and say, ‘Look, you know, I've spent quite a number of years in Nigeria. It's now time for me to move back’. I actually handed in a resignation letter, but they said no, ripped up the resignation letter and said: ‘You're going to continue on with us, but in London’. I think that's the good thing about PMI. I think when they know that you're passionate and you've put everything into your work, they do really stick their neck out for you and make a decision of what are we going to do to help this person. Having good leaders and the culture that enables flexibility really helps you to perform at your best because you give back so much more knowing that you are supported.”


“I think people understand that there's, you know, ethical questions that we all come to. And that was one of my key things of, oh my goodness, I've had, you know, an aunt, I’ve had family members who have been affected by the impact of smoking. I was able to understand that oh, I could be that change within. I can actually be part of the solution.”


Best part of my day: disrupting [laughs]. I think that's the thing at PMI: there's so many different experiences or roads that you could go down, it’s really about kind of the pathway that you wish to take. But one thing's for sure. All those roads, pathways, they lead to that same destination, which is a smoke-free future.

Video title: #MAKEHISTORY join us,

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