At PMI, we base our success on delivering a smoke-free future—and our people are the driving force behind the biggest shift in our history.

Unless otherwise stated, figures are as of December 31, 2023

Work-life balance at PMI

PMI promotes work-life balance through a combination of remote and office-based work, comprehensive family support programs, and supporting employees’ well-being via various programs and initiatives. We champion global connectivity and offer international opportunities for female professionals no matter where in the world they are.




Salary and benefits

We prioritize fairness and equality regardless of gender

We were the world’s first global company to receive Global EQUAL-SALARY Certification.

We give equal access to opportunities

We achieved our 2022 target of more than 40 percent women in management positions, and we’re proud that women now make up 42 percent of our workforce. But there’s still work to achieve an even better balance, and we’ve set a goal to achieve at least 35 percent of women in senior roles by 2025.

We celebrate the accomplishments of women

We have Employee Resources Groups such as WIN (Women’s Inspiration Network), which aims to provide a supportive place to inspire and empower women to advance their skills, expand their network, and unlock their full potential.

More about our culture

We continue to research and develop innovative solutions, explore new technologies, and invest in the future. Our programs support our employees in acquiring and developing critical skills and capabilities on our journey toward a smoke-free future. Our focus is to empower women to break barriers, shatter glass ceilings, and embrace leadership roles across all functions. We believe that a diverse workplace can increase innovation.

Your path to finding your potential starts here

Together, we can make history and create a brighter, more inclusive future for all.