How we are combatting underage use of our smoke-free products

Minors should NOT use any tobacco or nicotine-containing product. As a company, we have a critical role to play in guarding against youth access.

Watch: Youth access prevention is key to our business

Youth access prevention is a key part of our transformation


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Youth access prevention is a key part of our transformation

Stacey Kennedy, President, Americas Region and CEO of PMI’s U.S. business, speaks to camera:

We have a whole robust plan around how we make sure that we are not attracting unintended audiences, particularly youth.

Stefano Volpetti, President, Smoke-Free Inhaled Products and Chief Consumer Officer, speaks to camera:

First, we start by designing our smoke-free products for adult smokers in every single detail from product to packaging to labelling.

Stacey Kennedy continues:

We have our own marketing code of conduct that makes sure that we’re monitoring who's consuming our products and making sure that it is not youth.

Jacek Olczak, Chief Executive Officer, speaks to camera:

So I think it is absolutely perfectly doable to protect the youth, the underage people, while at the same time help the adult smokers.

Stefano Volpetti continues:

But this cannot be done by one company alone.

To create such an immense shift, it is important to have the right regulatory framework and the right support from civil society.

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How we guard against youth access to our products

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