The certification by the independent EQUAL-SALARY Foundation is an important building block on the road to creating a more inclusive, gender-balanced workplace.


The EQUAL-SALARY Foundation is an independent, non-profit organization based in Switzerland. The EQUAL-SALARY Certification verifies that organizations have sustainable policies and practices to ensure that they pay their male and female employees equally for equal work.


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Gender pay equality cannot be taken for granted. PMI is leading by example and taking concrete steps to verify its equal-pay practices by obtaining the Global EQUAL-SALARY Certification by an external third party. We want to foster trust among our employees and future talent by creating a workplace founded on fairness, inclusion and diversity—essential ingredients for our business transformation.
Melissa Whiting, Vice President Inclusion & Diversity, PMI

A rigorous, third-party validation on equal pay

EQUAL-SALARY Certification includes more than simple comparison of salary data to ensure we pay men and women equally for equal work—it’s a process that includes multiple steps:

Step 1

Salary analysis

Step 2

HQ visit

Step 3

On-site audits

Step 4

Global certification

Step 5

Monitoring audits



By its global character, the certification of Philip Morris International is a major step for pay equality between women and men. That a leading Fortune 500 company makes such a commitment is a strong signal. We are proud of the international scale that PMI’s global certification gives to our cause.
Véronique Goy Veenhuys, Founder and CEO, EQUAL-SALARY Foundation


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Equal pay in practice


PMI was the first international company to obtain the EQUAL-SALARY label in Switzerland in 2015. In doing so, we set ourselves apart as a top employer where principles of fairness, diversity, and inclusion are the foundation for our success.


In Japan, our EQUAL-SALARY experience was one of many “firsts”: Philip Morris Japan (PMJ) was the first company outside of Switzerland to obtain EQUAL-SALARY Certification in November 2016, and by applying the Foundation’s rigorous equal-pay methodology in the country, PMI helped bring their work to an international level, encouraging other companies to follow suit.


The Global EQUAL-SALARY Certification verifies that PMI pays men and women everywhere we operate worldwide equally for equal work. We are proud to be the first company to receive this global certification in 2019.


What about the gender gap?

While Global EQUAL-SALARY Certification doesn’t directly address the gender leadership gap at PMI, the qualitative audit is helping us uncover potential barriers that may hinder equal opportunities for women to advance. That process has generated more conversations, and focused management’s attention on the need to improve the gender balance at PMI. And this is just the beginning.

Read more about our Inclusion & Diversity work.


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