For PMI, sustainability is more than just a means to minimize negative externalities and mitigate risks while maximizing operational efficiency and resource optimization. As we transform for good, we see it as a fundamental opportunity for innovation, growth, and purpose-led, impact-driven, long-term value creation. Accordingly, we work hard to integrate sustainability into every aspect of our business and activities.
Focusing on two pillars of impact

Our redesigned ESG framework recognizes two distinct forms of issues: Those that relate to our products (what we produce), which are part of the “Product Impact” pillar, and those related to our business operations (how we produce), which are part of the “Operational Impact” pillar. 


Addressing the social impacts generated by our products is the core of our strategy. These are the areas on which we must focus our resources, to innovate and develop solutions that can contribute to solving some of society's most pressing challenges. This also represents and opportunity for growth and our strongest competitive advantage. The biggest and most pressing negative externality our strategy aims to address is the
health impacts of cigarette smoking. This is the most important contribution we can make to public health and is the cornerstone of PMI’s purpose and business strategy.
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We must responsibly manage the impacts of our company's operations throughout the value chain. From a social standpoint, this includes ensuring fair treatment and empowerment of our employees and improving the lives of people across our supply chain. On the environmental front, this means tackling climate change and preserving natural ecosystems.
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Our strategy highlights the importance of governance-related topics, which cannot be overstated. Our company’s policies, rules, and procedures define our ability to implement sound strategies that successfully address environmental and social issues.
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