Sustainability - PMI's Long-Term Commitment 

To PMI, Sustainability is about creating long-term value while minimizing the negative externalities associated with our products, operations, and value chain. Our efforts are based on four pillars that enable our vision of a smoke-free future. We've set ourselves ambitious sustainability targets, and we are proud of the progress we've made so far. 

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Our Approach to Sustainability

Creating long‑term value while minimizing the negative externalities associated with our products, operations and value chain is our approach to sustainability.

Sustainability Resources

Transparency in reporting and documenting on how we operate is key to PMI. See our policies and commitments, reports and third party assessments and more.

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Transforming our Business

The greatest contribution PMI can make to society is to replace cigarettes with less harmful alternatives. Developing and commercializing such products is aligned with societal expectations.

Transforming Our Business The Sustainable Way

PMI's Chief Sustainability Officer Huub Savelkouls explains why sustainability is important at PMI and the steps we’re taking to address our business impact.

Business Transformation Metrics

To track the progress we’re making towards a smoke-free future, we have introduced a set of business transformation metrics

Designing a Smoke-Free Future

How long will PMI be in the cigarette business?

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Driving Operational Excellence

Our efforts to excel in how we do business responsibly in our operations and across our value chain are essential to the sustainability of our business.

Responsible Commercialization

Learn more about the standards we follow to market our products responsibly.

Human Rights

We are committed to respecting human rights and believe it is a critical element to doing business responsibly

Responsible Sourcing

Our approach to sustainable supply chain management includes a set of Responsible Sourcing Principles that defines the expectations of our suppliers

Fighting Illicit Trade

Fighting illicit cigarette trade is a priority. Find out how PMI fights against this phenomenon.

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Managing our Social Impact

From the ways in which we attract and retain people to the standards we expect from farmers and our suppliers, and our focus on consumer centricity, these are crucial to our long-term success.

Fair Working Practices on Tobacco Farms

We want farm workers to be treated fairly and enjoy safe working and living conditions.

Employment Practices at PMI

Our commitment is to ensure that our people are able to maintain a fair standard of living and none of our employees is paid below the living wage

Inclusion and Diversity

Inclusion and diversity are fundamental for our business success. Creating and inclusive workplace is a priority for PMI, to attract and retain a diverse community of employees.


We're focused on being a good neighbor, and partnering with the communities around us to help address local needs.

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Reducing our Environmental Footprint

Effective environmental management across our operations and value chain is central to the security of our raw material supply, promotes efficiency and savings, and helps us minimize environmental impacts so we play our part in addressing climate change.

Climate Change

We support the Paris Climate Agreement and that is why reducing energy usage and our carbon emissions is embedded in our Sustainability strategy

Biodiversity and Deforestation

PMI has developed new zero-net deforestation ambitions and a set of targets to protect forests in our supply chain.

Waste and Littering

We recognize a responsibility to be stewards of the product and are further developing our anti-littering campaign program.

Managing Water

Our goal is to mimimize the amount of water used per unit of cigarette or heated tobacco unit, and to sustainably manage water as a shared resource.

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